Fishing Report: Boxwood Gulch

Flows at 126 CFS. This is a great winter time flow at Boxwood Gulch. Boxwood has some big fish in there right now! We have had some great trips there as late, and we are anticipating having a solid winter at Boxwood Gulch.  This is a great place to hone your winter-skills, with the convenience of a warm clubhouse to thaw out.

The water coming out of Robert’s Tunnel is ice-cold, making early morning fish obsolete. After the water warms up a few degrees, usually by mid-morning, there are fish to be had. We have been throwing Eggs, Worms or Stoneflies as our point fly. You’ll pick up a few fish on these flies, but you’ll do much better dropping a midge or small mayfly nymph off of that point fly. Our favorite flies at Boxwood are the Black Beauty, Rainbow Warrior, Buckskin, Jujubee Midges, Pheasant Tails, and Mercury Blood Midges – All sizes 18-22.