Fishing Report: Spinney Mountain – Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area

Current Conditions 

Flow: 68 cfs

Clarity: Excellent

Water Temperature:  High 30’s to low 40’s

Hatches: Midges

14 Day Forecast: Look for low flows and technical fishing. Anglers can expect to see good (some dense at times) hatches of midges. Target the traditional winter lies (slow, deep pools) where you’ll find the largest concentration of fish.  The best fishing is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Tips and Other Information:  Flows have been stable for the past several days.  Anglers willing to work hard and cover some water have been catching a decent number of 14-18 inch rainbows, cut-bows, and the occasional brown.  There are a still some lake-run fish entering the system. Make sure you pinch your barbs and watch your step in the shallow riffles to avoid stepping on redds. Crowds are extremely heavy, so plan accordingly. There are plenty of opportunities to catch trout with surface offerings in the slower pools and tailouts. It’s hard to go wrong with a size 24-26 Matt’s Midge or Parachute Adams to fool these “risers”.

Effective Patterns: # 20 Manhattan Midge, #18 Micro Egg, #18-22 Mercury Pheasant Tails, #18-20 Buckskins, #20-22 Barr Emergers, #20-22 Jujubaetis,  #20-22 Flashback Black Beauty, #20-22 Minute Midge, #20-22 Tube Midge, #20-22 Chironoflash, #20-22 Mercury Blood Midge, #20-22 Foam Wing Chocolate Emerger , #20-26 Parachute Adams, #18 Griffith Gnat, and #20-22 Matt’s Midge