Fishing Report: Colorado River

Current Conditions:

Flows: 414 cfs Parshall and 735 near Kremmling

Clarity: Fair

Water Temperature:  Low to mid 40’s

Hatches: Midges, sporadic blue-winged olives, and a caddis or two

14 Day Forecast: Look for the onset of spring run-off.  Clarity will change based on warm weather trends. Look for hatches of midges, blue-winged olives and sporadic caddis.

Tips and Other Information: The Colorado River is fishing fair to good in the Parshall area, especially for trout in the 8-12 inch range.  The numbers have been decent, but the majority of the fish are between 8-14 inches. Anglers can expect to see sporadic hatches of midges, with the densest hatches mid day.  It’s hard to go wrong with egg-midge combos this time of year.  Some of my favorites include: Mercury Midges, Top Secrets, Black Beauties, and red Larva trailed off a Hot Tail Flash Egg. The water is off-colored, but that can become a distinct advantage at times. Don’t be afraid to throw a Pat’s Rubber Legs as your lead fly and trail some flashy midges behind it. It the clarity deteriorates, fish with Chamois Leeches, Pink San Juan Worms and other brightly-colored flies. The clarity will change based on warm weather trends.

Effective Patterns:  #18 Hot Tailflash Egg, #8 Pat’s Rubber Legs, #14 Pink Worm, #10 Chamois Leech, #18-20 Buckskin, #20-22 Sparkle Wing RS 2, #20-22 Mercury Pheasant Tail, #20-22 Mercury Midge, #22 Minute Midge, #22-24 Sparkle Dun, #24-26 Parachute Adams, and #22-24 Griffith Gnat.