Pat Dorsey’s Stream Report: Blue River

The Blue River is a pocket water paradise. There are miles of public water between the town of Silverthorne and Green Mountain Reservoir for you to sample.

Current Conditions

Clarity: Good in Silverthorne.

Water Temperature: Low 40’s

Hatches: Midges and sporadic blue-winged olives

14 Day Forecast:  Look for sporadic hatches of midges and blue-winged olives. The best fishing is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Look for trout to be holding in the slow deep runs and pools where they can obtain the largest quantity of food, while expending the least amount energy. Stay away from fast riffles and runs as these areas tend to have fewer fish.

Tips and Other Information: The flows have been dropped to their normal historic levels. Denver Water is now moving water to the Front Range via the Roberts Tunnel to supplement releases from Cheesman Reservoir. Fishing has been fair (at best) in the town of Silverthorne. The biggest challenge is finding fish. The numbers appear to be way down from recent years.   Egg-midge combos and Mysis-midge combos are a good idea this time of year.  The fish are in their traditional winter lies. Target the slower pools and deeper runs. Sight fishing to pods of fish is your best bet right now.

Effective Patterns:  ​ #20-22 Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail, #24 Black Beauty, #20 Laney’s Mysis, #22 Jujabaetis, #22 Stalcup’s Baetis, #20-22 Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail,  #22 Red Midge Larva, #20-24 Brassie, #20-22 WD 40, #22 Mercury Midge, #22 Top Secret Midge, and #22-24 Black Beauty