Pat Dorsey’s Stream Report: Colorado River

Fishing the Colorado River should be on everyone’s bucket list. Whether you’re a walk/wade fisherman or prefer float-fishing, this river has it all!

Current Conditions:

Clarity: Good

Water Temperature:  High  50’s to low 60’s

14 Day Forecast: Look for  hatches of midges, blue-winged olives, Tricos, and Red Quills.

Tips and Other Information: Flows are getting low on the Colorado River, especially near Parshall (134 cfs).  If you pick and choose your spots however, anglers are still catching plenty of nice fish despite the low water.  Anglers should prepare themselves for hatches of midges, blue winged olives, red quills, and Tricos. Egg midge (Baetis nymph) combos are an excellent strategy right now. If you look for them, you’ll find plenty of rising fish in the slower pools and tailouts.

Effective Patterns:  #16 San Juan Worm, #18-20 Buckskin, #20-22 Sparkle Wing RS 2, #20 Rainbow Warrior,  #20-22 Mercury Midge, #18-20 Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail, #18 Hot Tail Flash Egg, #20-22 Chocolate Foam  Wing Emerger,  #16-20 Parachute Adams, #24 Stalcup’s CDC Biot Trico Comparadun, #16-18 Ak’s Red Quill, #20-22 Matt’s Midge, and #20-22 Mathew’s Sparkle Dun.