Pat Dorsey’s Stream Report – Elevenmile Canyon – South Platte

Elevenmile Canyon is known for its superb dry fly fishing. The Trico hatch is one of many that anglers should concentrate their efforts on.

Current Conditions

Clarity: Excellent

14 Day Forecast: Look for sporadic hatches of midges.

Tips and Other Information:

Eleven Mile Canyon is fishing fair right now.  Dead drifting tiny midge larvae and pupae in the slow, deep pools is your best bet right for the next several weeks.  Matt’s Midge, Parachute Adams, and Griffith Gnats are fooling a few fish on the surface during the height of the hatch, especially in the shady areas. If you really look for them, you’ll find plenty of rising fish.  Plan on concentrating your efforts in the mile below the dam, as the lower stretch is frozen.  Dress warm, Eleven Mile Canyon is a frigid place this time of year!

Effective Patterns:  #20-22 Mercury Midge, #20 Red Larva, #18 Micro Egg, #22-22 Mayer’s Tube Midge, #20-22 Manhattan Midge, #20 Pale Olive Midge Larva, #22-24 Black Beauty, #22-24 Bling Midge, #22-24 Top Secret Midge, #22-24 Minute Midge, #22-24 Jujubee Midge, #22-24 Matt’s Midge, #22-24 Griffith Gnat, and #24-26 Parachute Adams.