Pat Dorsey’s Stream Report: Deckers – South Platte River

Deckers is a world-renowned stretch of the South Platte River. There are miles of public water to fish in and around the hamlet of Deckers.

Current Conditions 

Clarity:  Excellent

14 Day Forecast:   Look for hatches of blue-winged olives and midges

Tips and Other Information: Fishing at Deckers has been extremely tough as of late. Water temps have cooled down, but the trout are a bit stressed, hiding, and not willing to cooperate for the average angler. Current hatches include midges, Tricos, and blue-winged olives, with a sporadic caddis or two. Dry fly enthusiast are finding plenty of small fish feeding on the surface. The majority of the fish have been small, but if you look in the right places, you’ll occasionally find some larger fish sipping surface offerings.  Small Parachute Adams, CDC Biot Trico Comparaduns, and Mathews Sparkle Duns are the ticket right now, in sizes 24-26. Current hatches include midges, Tricos, and blue-winged olives (Psuedocloeons), with a sporadic caddis or two. Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently stocked some catchables in the Deckers area to improve catch-rates.

Effective Patterns: #22 Stalcup’s Baetis, #20 Mercury Midge, #14-16 San Juan Worm, #20-22 Juju Baetis, #20-24 Chocolate Foam Wing Emerger, #18-20 Mercury Pheasant Tail, #20-24 RS 2, #18-20 Buckskin, # Hot Tail Flash Egg, #18-20 Sparkle Dun, and #20-22 Parachute Adams.