Pat Dorsey’s Stream Report: Deckers – South Platte River

Deckers is a world-renowned stretch of the South Platte River. There are miles of public water to fish in and around the hamlet of Deckers.

Current Conditions 

Clarity:  Excellent

14 Day Forecast:   Look for sporadic hatches of midges

Tips and Other Information:Cheesman Reservoir is currently 45 percent full, so Denver Water is keeping the outflows low all winter long. Currently the lower river is frozen and slush ice is big problem on below Bridge Crossing until mid day. Above Bridge Crossing, the river is open, but the water is very cold. Morning water temps have been 34 degrees, rising up to 36 degrees mid day. Feeder streams (from low-level run-off) are adding an additional 10 cfs of water to the Deckers-area. Anglers should prepare themselves for sporadic hatches of midges. It’s hard to go wrong with an egg-midge combo right now. Top producers have been size 24 Black Beauties, Top Secret Midges, and Bling Midges. The optimum window of opportunity is between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Make sure you target the slow, deep pools where the trout’s concentration is the highest this time of year. Expect heavy crowds in and around the Deckers area.

Effective Patterns:#22-24 Chocolate Foam Wing Emerger, #18 Hot Tail Flash Egg, #20 Mercury Blood Midge, #20 Red Larva, #20 Pale Olive Larva, #22-24 Black Beauty, #22 Mercury Flashback Black Beauty, #22 JujuBaetis, #22-24 Medallion Midge, #20-22 Mercury Midge, #20-24 Top Secret Midge, #20-22 Manhattan Midge, #22-24 Matt’s Midge, #22-24 Griffith Gnat, and #20-26 Parachute Adams.