Fishing Report: Spinney Mountain – Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area

Current Conditions 

Flow: 72 cfs

Clarity: Excellent

Water Temperature:  High 30’s to low 40’s

Hatches: Midges

14 Day Forecast: Look for low flows and technical fishing. Anglers can expect to see good (some dense at times) hatches of midges. Target the traditional winter lies (slow, deep pools) where you’ll find the largest concentration of fish.  The best fishing is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Tips and Other Information:  Flows are low, but fishing has been good, especially for small to medium-sized fish. Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently stocked 16,000 rainbows in Eleven Mile Reservoir. As you might imagine, there is a surplus of 8-12 inch fish in the system right now. The little fish are gobbling midge pupa (mid column) and eating single adults and clusters on the surface. The midge hatches have been incredible lately, especially on overcast days.  It’s hard to go wrong with a  size 24-26 Parachute Adams to fool these surface feeders. A size 18 Griffith Gnat is an excellent choice for the clusters. Anglers willing to work hard and battle the elements are catching a few nice-sized 14-18 inch resident rainbows, cut-bows and the occasional brown.  There are a decent number of lake-run fish that are entering the system. Make sure you pinch your barbs and watch your step in the shallow riffles to avoid stepping on redds. Crowds are extremely heavy, so plan accordingly.

Effective Patterns: # 20 Manhattan Midge, #18 Micro Egg, #18-22 Mercury Pheasant Tails, #18-20 Buckskins, #20-22 Barr Emergers, #20-22 Jujubaetis,  #20-22 Flashback Black Beauty, #20-22 Minute Midge, #20-22 Tube Midge, #20-22 Chironoflash, #20-22 Mercury Blood Midge, #20-22 Foam Wing Chocolate Emerger , #20-26 Parachute Adams, #18 Griffith Gnat, and #20-22 Matt’s Midge
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What to Expect When Fly Fishing Cuba

There’s a reason you keep hearing about fly fishing in Cuba. A place where the flats extend as far as you can see, and low tides provide as many bonefish tails as you can chase. A place where you can target permit, bonefish, tarpon, snook, mutton snappers, and barracuda among many others, and often all in the same day. 3 of us from the Blue Quill Angler had the opportunity to spend 6 days fly fishing Cayo Largo, an island a little over 40 miles south of the main island of Cuba. Our expectations were high from all of the hype and the stories we had heard, but how could they not be after hearing about these endless flats? After fishing 6 days in Cayo Largo, I can tell you first hand that the fishing not only lived up to the hype and then some, but it completely surpassed our expectations.

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Cuba – Where the Flats Never End

Most people have heard of the never-ending saltwater flats in Cuba, but most Americans have only dreamed of casting a fly on them. I have been one of those dreamers for many years after hearing of a friend getting there through “other channels.” Stories of bonefish averaging 4 pounds, and snook over 20 pounds were just the beginning of a yearning to cast at a Cuban Permit, the famed “el Palometa.” Thoughts of mangroves teeming with baby tarpon only created a stronger yearning to see their bigger, more mature ancestors that migrate to those flats certain times of year. For me it was always, “someday.”

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How to Catch Trout in the Winter

Where Do Trout Go in Winter? – by Tom Rosenbauer Walk along a trout stream in the winter and the riffles and pools that danced with insects and rising fish look as lifeless as the bare branches on the hillsides above. Overhanging brush that offered secure feeding spots in August is transparent and useless without its veil of leaves. You peer into a riffle and can’t imagine a trout living there. But there is plenty of life in a January river.

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Fishing Report: Boxwood Gulch

Flows at 126 CFS. This is a great winter time flow at Boxwood Gulch. Boxwood has some big fish in there right now! We have had some great trips there as late, and we are anticipating having a solid winter at Boxwood Gulch.  This is a great place to hone your winter-skills, with the convenience of a warm clubhouse to thaw out.

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Fishing Report: Cheesman Canyon

Flows at 56 CFS. The fishing in the Canyon has been tougher, that’s for sure. Hardly ever does this canyon provide ‘easy’ fishing, but with only 56 CFS coming down, the fish are spooky! Cheesman offers many runs that have dramatic drop-offs leading to deeper runs. You’ll want to target these areas, as the fish find refuge in them in the colder months. With the sun so far south this time of year, the canyon does not receive a lot of sun.  Therefore, if you do have sunlight, take advantage of it.

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Fishing Report: Deckers

Flows at 99 CFS. The fishing at Deckers has been fair to good at Deckers. The flows were cut by about 40 CFS on Christmas, but Deckers is still flowing at 99 CFS at Trumbull. You should be targeting the deeper, slower water that the trout seek out in the winter months. The prime fishing time has been around midday, think from 10AM – 3PM.

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Redington Hydrogen Euro Nymphing Rods – New for 2016

New to the market for 2016, the Redington Hydrogen family of rods touted to be the lightest in their class, are a fine-tuned, medium-fast action is combined with the lightest weight components available to give anglers incredible performance with a light in-hand feel.  We can vouch for this as they are incredibly ight which leads to the question – are they durable?

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the Hydrogen 11′ – 3 weight – 4 piece as well as a 10′ – 3 weight – 4 piece about a month before their release date so we could put it through its paces Euro Nymphing.  Right out of the tube, you definitely notice the skeletonized reel seat which looks pretty cool yet it functions just like any other reel seat. Due to the lighter weight in the rear of the rod, we needed to get a slightly heavier reel (we used a Hatch 5+) to make the 11′ – 3 weight balance but not a huge deal.  The 10′ version balanced well with a Sage 4250 reel.

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Simms Headwaters Stockingfoot Wader – Value Priced Gore-Tex Wader

From mountain rivulet to brackish estuary your journey starts with Simms Headwaters Stockingfoot waders, combining primetime value with a heaping dose of in-river innovation. Lightweight GORE-TEX® 3-layer fabric enhances maneuverability, while GORE-TEX® reinforced fabric in front leg panel—along with new front leg seam construction—steps up durability when and where it counts. Cinch the top of the wader via an adjustable shock cord to keep essential heat in and weather out, and source the Headwaters today for wallet-friendly meets guaranteed Made in USA performance.


  • Lightweight GORE -TEX® 3-layer fabric in light color offers a versatile solution for fresh & saltwater environments
  • GORE -TEX® reinforced fabric in front leg panel for added durability
  • New front leg seam construction to help eliminate inseam abrasion issues
  • New chest pocket design & adjustable shock cord cinch at top of wader
  • Built-in belt loop at center back; nylon wading belt included
  • Abrasion resistant material for more durable built-in gravel guards
  • Updated styling details
Proudly made in the United States of America in Bozeman, Montana by anglers for anglers

Learn to Fly Fish – Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Schools

Ever wanted to learn to fly fish yet seem to be overwhelmed with all the terminology, gear and flies you may need for this river or that river?  Let the Blue Quill Angler Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing School101 class get you started on the right track with courteous, veteran instructors that will have you on the right track in no time.

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