Pat Dorsey Gear Review: Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity

The new Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity is one of the finest fly lines available! I’ve been fishing it now for about 3 months and cannot say enough good things about it! The Amplitude Smooth Infinity is simply a game changer!

The Amplitude Smooth Infinity is designed a half-size heavy to load fast action rods, which is ideal for fishing dries, nymphs, and streamers. The AST Plus slickness additive is especially nifty as it assists in shooting line with ease and increases the fly lines durability.

Whether your fishing a smooth flowing tailwater, or an untamed freestone, this fly line does it all! The Amplitude Smooth Infinity has an extremely versatile taper that works well for short-line nymphing, delicate deliveries with tiny dry flies, or chucking heavily-weighted streamers. It roll casts like a champ; and when it comes to long-line nymphing, this fly line is a dream come true! I have never used a fly line that mends so easily.

The Amplitude Smooth Infinity is available in two colors: standard and camo. The camo line is designed with stealth in mind and incorporates a mottled frontend taper.

The Amplitude Smooth Infinity retails for $99.95. You can purchase it here

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Redington Hydrogen Euro Nymphing Rods – New for 2016

New to the market for 2016, the Redington Hydrogen family of rods touted to be the lightest in their class, are a fine-tuned, medium-fast action is combined with the lightest weight components available to give anglers incredible performance with a light in-hand feel.  We can vouch for this as they are incredibly ight which leads to the question – are they durable?

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the Hydrogen 11′ – 3 weight – 4 piece as well as a 10′ – 3 weight – 4 piece about a month before their release date so we could put it through its paces Euro Nymphing.  Right out of the tube, you definitely notice the skeletonized reel seat which looks pretty cool yet it functions just like any other reel seat. Due to the lighter weight in the rear of the rod, we needed to get a slightly heavier reel (we used a Hatch 5+) to make the 11′ – 3 weight balance but not a huge deal.  The 10′ version balanced well with a Sage 4250 reel.

Now down to the fun part – fishing this rod!! Read more