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Class Info


2021 Dates to be announced soon!

Cost of Class

$125 per person Contact Us Today! To reserve a spot in this class, please call the Blue Quill Angler at (303) 674-4700

Advanced Class

Dry Fly Tying

In this class, you’ll learn a range of fly tying techniques necessary to tie dry flies. We’ll focus on dry fly proportions, applying deer hair wings, dubbing bodies, tying in parachute posts, and the proper application of hackle by tying several tried and true dry fly patterns. Our goal is to provide instruction in the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in tying dry flies, giving our students the ability to tie dry flies with confidence.

What to Expect in our Advanced Dry Fly Tying Class

This class is available by request for groups of 2 to 4 students and will take place over the course of 2 evenings for 3 hours each evening. The cost of the class is $125 per person.

Learn How To Tie Dry Flies at The Blue Quill AnglerWe’ll provide the vice, fly tying tools, hooks, and materials, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you’d like. If you occasionally wear glasses or corrective lenses, you may want to bring them since flies can be small. What’s more, each attendee can enjoy a 15% discount throughout our entire selection of fly tying materials, tools, and books. This way, it’s even easier to start tying your own flies after learning our dry fly tying techniques.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an introductory fly tying class. The dry fly class is designed for intermediate to advanced fly tiers who are interested in learning dry flies tying techniques. Students should be comfortable with starting and whip finishing thread, wrapping and applying a variety of materials using proper proportions, and using fly tying tools. For those interested in learning how to tie flies, we will be offering introductory classes, which will cover all of the basic techniques that you’ll need to get started with tying flies.