Introduction to Fly Tying Class with The Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, CO

A major part of the fly fishing experience is having an understanding of what you are actually using to catch the fish. Enter the fly.

For 2018, The Blue Quill Angler is offering a new and improved introduction to fly tying class! Tie your own bugs, catch fish with your own bugs, and repeat!

A fly is a general term used to describe a hand-tied fishing pattern used to imitate insects, baitfish, crustaceans, or anything else fish are willing to eat.

Flies can be used or fished in literally any fishing scenario where you might expect requires traditional spin fishing gear. Creating these patterns by hand allows anglers to precisely imitate what they have observed on the water, down to the very fiber.

The introduction to fly tying class at the Blue Quill Angler is devised for beginner to novice fly-tiers that are interested in making their own flies. Our intention is that this class is in no way, shape, or form intimidating or frustrating. With that said, there is a learning curve that you WILL overcome, and then you will be on your way to tying flies.

What to Expect in the Class

This is a series of four two-hour classes hosted at our shop in Evergreen every Tuesday evening from 6-8 beginning FEBRUARY 6th, 2018 at the Blue Quill Angler.

  • All materials, vises, and tools will be provided for students to use, however if you have your own vise and tools feel free to bring them to the class.
  • Each session will cover one fly pattern, and the surrounding techniques to tie them.
  • You will learn the basic fly tying techniques necessary to tie wet and dry flies along with nymphs and streamers.
  • The instructor will examine all of the different tools used in the tying process, including vises, lighting, and organization.
  • The class will focus on the most effective Rocky Mountain fly patterns with instruction in the various skills and techniques in fly tying.
  • You will learn and practice the elements of proportioning a fly with various materials, so that the finished fly looks and acts appropriately on the water.
  • We will explore all of the materials that we stock in the fly shop, so that you are more familiar with how they are used.
  • We will intentionally break threads and hooks on the vise so that you can re-coup from a mistake at the bench and not waste time and tying materials.
  • The class will also expose very important tips and tricks that will make the fly-tying process exponentially more enjoyable.
  • You will leave the class equipped with the fundamental skills needed to expand the craft.

Register Today!

The Cost of The Class is: $125 and students receive 15% off of fly tying materials up to one week after the course.

The classes are limited to 6 students, and pre-registration is necessary. Please call the shop to schedule your class

You may also purchase a gift card for the value of the class if you are interested in purchasing the class as a gift for friends or family.

2019 Dates Coming Soon!