Colorado Kid's Fly Fishing Class with the Blue Quill Angler

Cost of Class

$175 per person


Classes run on  multiple Thursday mornings starting in June and will run through mid-August. Classes will start at 8:00am and run to  12:00 noon, Classes are limited to 4 students per class.   Use the Register Today!  link above to make your reservation, or you may call our trip scheduler at (303)674-4700 Ext. 2.

Kid’s Fly Fishing Classes

Sponsored by Umpqua

At The Blue Quill Angler, one of our central passions is getting kids involved with fly fishing. Introducing children to fly fishing is about so much more than showing the basic skills needed to go fly fishing. This is a great way to educate kids on the importance of all life on the planet along with other meaningful values that must be passed down from one generation to the next. In our Kid’s Fly Fishing Class, students will also learn the necessity of conservation along with the reasoning behind it.

Our sponsor, Umpqua (a leading supplier of quality fly fishing flies and fly fishing gear), will ensure our students will leave with lasting knowledge, memories and a gift bag to take home with an assortment of fly fishing supplies!

What Else Can Kids Learn in Their Fly Fishing Class with The Blue Quill Angler?

In our Kids Fly Fishing Class, children between the ages of 8-13 learn the basics of fly fishing including casting, knot tying, rigging a fly fishing rod, fly selection, and fighting fish on a fly rod. This class is limited to 4 students per session and is designed for kids that want to learn about fly fishing.  We have found that kids without an interest in learning, tend to distract from the rest of the group and should consider another type of activity.  We have also found that kids 14 or older, tend to fit better in our regular, weekly Introduction to Fly Fishing class. Beyond these basics, kids also learn fascinating facts about trout, their environment, and feeding habits. This way, they’ll have everything they need to catch fish on a fly rod. Our fly fishing class for kids also provides a constructive setting to mingle with peers while gaining insight from fly fishing experts for skills that can be translated to other aspects of life. In fact, fly fishing is also a wonderful activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

What to Expect from the Kid’s Fly Fishing Class?

Our fly fishing class for kids runs from 08:00AM to 12:00 noon on multiple Thursday’s throughout the summer. Students need to bring a sturdy pair of shoes, rain jacket, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, and a brimmed hat. We will provide a fly fishing rod, reel, and all the necessary terminal tackle to be used. The first part of the day will be spent learning about fly fishing and getting acquainted with the gear. They’ll learn and practice the knots they’ll need, how to rig the rod, which fly to use, and how trout feed in the water. These new skills are put to the test in the afternoon when the instructor takes them across the street to the Buchannan Ponds which are heavily stocked for a good chance of catching some nice fish.

Colorado Kid's Fly Fishing Classes
Colorado Kid's Fly Fishing Classes
Colorado Kid's Fly Fishing Classes
Colorado Kid's Fly Fishing Classes