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  • Umpqua

    Barrs Emerger Bead Head


    A great fly for Pale Morning Dun and Blue Wing Olive hatches where the trout are super selective. Developed by John Barr, this has become one of o...

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    Barrs Flashback Emerger


    A super effective pattern for any Pale Morning Dun hatch in the West. A must have fly for nymph fishing in the summer!!


    Burks Silhouette Dun


    If you have not fished this fly, you owe it to yourself to give it a try!!! Low profile, super easy to see and will fool even the pickiest of trou...

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  • Jim Cannon

    Cannons Snowshoe Dun


    Does the hair from the feet of snowshoe rabbits have magical properties? Jim Cannon thinks so:• The hair is water–repellant and very buoyant• It is...

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    Cdc Oiler Puffs


    Puff size “Butt of the Duck” feathers. These are dense, compact CDC feathers ideal for wings on small flies. Use for legs, wingcases, and hackle.


    Cul De Canard - Cdc Feathers


    Super long feathers that are really nice. Great for emerger wings, under wings and can even be twisted and wrapped for the body.

  • Sale

    Magic Fly Emerger

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    Current Price $1.00

    As a the name entails, this fly can bring you pure magic. Great fly when fish are keying in on mayfly emergers.


    Superfine Dubbing


    Super Fine Dubbing is permanently waterproofed dry fly dubbing. A 1.2 Denier, 1.5 staple synthetic material. Super Fine makes a fantastic tight bod...

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    Turkey Biot Quills


    For quill bodied flies in the A.K. Best and Renee Harrop tradition. Great quality turkey biot quills in perfect colors. Super long and wasy to work...

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