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  • Umpqua

    Clouser Minnow


    Bob Clouser designed this fly back in 1987 and it is still one of the hottest flies ever to be made. This fly catches every single species of fish ...

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    ER Crab


    "Emergency Room" this fly will need time in ICU after being crushed by Permit. This fly is an updated version of Jan Isly's raghead crab. I was tir...

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    Gummy Minnow


    And the beat goes on for this amazingly realistic creation. Warm mid–summer waters, smallmouth aggressively attacked soft plastic baits, like Bass ...

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    Lexo's Pop Up Crab - ( UMPQUA)


    "Of the myriad crab patterns that I have designed and that have been fished successfully, the “POP-UP CRAB” is arguably my best creation to-date. D...

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    Rio Fly Clips - ( RIO PRODUCTS)


    RIO’S FLY CLIPS are ultra-fast, easy connection clips that allow anglers to change flies with extreme ease and speed, and prevents leaders and tipp...

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