Update: May 7, 2020

First – a heartfelt THANK YOU, for supporting The Blue Quill Angler during these unprecedented times. It’s because of customers like you, who have been ordering from our on-line store, that have allowed us  to continue to provide valuable work for our entire shop staff and not layoff or furlough a single person during this pandemic.

As the State of Colorado and Jefferson County transition from  Stay at Home to Safer at Home guidelines, we too will transition.

Beginning on Saturday May 9th at 9am,  our fly shop will reopen to customers.  Of course this will be subject to some restrictions, such as limiting number of customers allowed in the shop at any one time, maintaining social distancing and the wearing of face protection.  Hand sanitizer will also be available at the front door to ensure the safety of all.

Our guide service and training classes will start a phased reopening and we will begin running trips as well, with a few necessary changes.

  1. We will not be including lunches on full day trips to eliminate any concern about contamination caused by food preparation.
  2. Our guides and all clients will be required to wear face protection during the trip.
  3. All of our guides will provide hand-sanitizer to be used by all throughout the trip
  4. Our guides will avoid unnecessary handling and transferring of rods, but will continue to take care of setting up your rig, netting your fish, and getting you untangled if/when that happens.

We require that any person that is feeling any sort of symptoms to not take the trip. We will  be happy to reschedule, or provide a full refund,  to anyone who has a trip scheduled but is not comfortable in going at this time.

Again – thank you!

Update: March 25, 2020

Today Jefferson County issued a Stay at Home Order that will go into effect March 26, 2020 at 08:00 and run through at least April 16, 2020.

As a result, The Blue Quill Angler will immediately stop conducting all guided fly fishing trips and training classes. The nature of our trips make it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the necessary social distancing requirements. Customers that are currently booked on a trip during this period will have priority in terms of rescheduling their trips for a date later in the season. If you do have a trip booked during this time frame, we ask that you do your best to reschedule your trip or class. Our guides and instructors rely on these trips to support their families. Of course we will be flexible if you have a trip booked during this time and rescheduling is not an option.

The shop will be closed to walk-in traffic as noted in our last update below.

The order does allow us to continue operating our on-line store and support phone-in/pick-up orders. Companies that ship and deliver goods directly to consumers are considered Essential Businesses and the job of filling online and pick-up orders is considered Minimum Basic Operations. As a result we will have a minimum staff of 2 working in the shop to both answer phones and fill orders.

The good news is that engaging in an outdoor activity is considered an Essential Activity, so get out there while you can.  Take the time to explore a new location to minimize crowding and expand your fly fishing horizons.

Again – THANK YOU for your support!

The Blue Quill Angler


Update:  March 20, 2020

Good Bugs – Bad Bugs

Well the Bad Bug hatch is taking its toll. Cities and states are forcing unessential stores to close. Others are forcing folks to shelter in place. The restaurant next to our shop is offering take-out only — like most in the country. All for a good cause in doing our best to keep this nasty hatch from spreading.

That puts us in a tough spot. Now I would argue that we are an “essential” business — though I’m not optimistic that the government would feel the same way. We are a business that supports an activity that provides safe social distancing by default. A business that provides a safe alternative to climbing the walls of your “shelter in place” with a “shelter in nature” alternative.

So we are still open for business – while we still can be – but in a limited way. Our guide service is operating at 100%. We are finding many people wanting/needing to get out, and a guide trip is a great and safe way to do it. It’s our retail fly shop that is being limited. Limited in a way that allows you to get the flies and gear that you need, but in a safe way. While we will have limited staff in our shop, they are there to fill phone-in/pick-up and online orders. We will close the shop to walk-in traffic to protect both our customers and our employees. So until this nasty hatch subsides, or we are directed otherwise, you can get what you need in two ways:

  1. Order what you need in our online store https://store.bluequillangler.com/. You can then either:
    1. Pick it up in one of our secure lock-boxes that you can access anytime 24/7, or we will ship it to you free of charge
    2. Just call the shop (303)674-4700 and order what you want over the phone. You can then pick up your order in one of our secure lock boxes or we will ship it to you free.
  2. Just call the shop (303)674-4700 and order what you want over the phone. You can then pick up your order in one of our secure lock boxes or we will ship it to you free.

Rest assured that the staff members that are preparing your orders are taking every precaution in maintaining as sterile environment as we can, with frequent hand washing use of hand sanitizers.

Get out there if/while you still can.

We appreciate (and need) your support!

Thank you,
The Blue Quill Angler


Published March 12, 2020

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus is a concern for everyone. While we are in the “Good Bug” business, we all need to do our part to help in preventing the spread of this “Bad Bug” virus the best that we can. The good news is that fly fishing is one activity that addresses the recommendation that most experts are making, and that is for us to practice “social distancing” and “self-quarantine”. We encourage you to get out and social distance yourself on a river or lake near you.

Unfortunately, that is not enough, and we want to let everyone know what additional steps The Blue Quill Angler is doing in the near-term to address these concerns.

  1. Saturday Seminars. The weekly Saturday Seminar’s will be cancelled until further notice.
  2. Guided Fly Fishing Trips and Training Classes. 
    1. We will be sanitizing all waders and boots that are used by our customers for our guide trips and training classes after each use.
    2. For all guide trips scheduled in March, we will not be providing any lunches or drinks to avoid any possible contamination from individuals preparing those lunches. A $15 per person refund will be provided.  Customer will need to prepare and bring your own lunch and drinks.
    3. We will be flexible for customers that may want to reschedule or cancel a guide trip due to virus concerns.
  3.   Retail Shop.
    1. Our shop will remain open for now.
    2. Shop employees will not be allowed to work if they show any signs of any illness.
    3. We ask any customer that is not feeling 100% to avoid coming into the shop. We will politely ask any customer that coughs or sneezes to leave the building.
    4. Customers that need gear but want to minimize any personal contact can phone in their order and pickup their merchandise in our customer lockboxes located on the outside of our shop. These lockboxes are available to access 24/7.
    5. We are offering free shipping on all orders made in our online store. This would not include any expedited or international shipping requests.
    6. We are taking extra steps to sanitize all surfaces, displays and doorknobs throughout each day.
  4. Online Store.
    1. Our online store will remain open and is a very safe way for you to get the gear that you need.  We are offering free shipping on all orders made in our online store. This would not include any expedited or international shipping requests.
    2. As far as we know, the remaining trips are still a go, but will keep you advised if things change.

Thank you for your understanding. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.