Customer Service at The Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, Colorado

One of fly fishing’s greatest values is its power to remove an angler from the daily pressures of modern society through relaxation and enjoyment of the out-of-doors. The Blue Quill Angler demonstrates understanding of this through their customer service. Fly fishing can help an angler get in touch with themself. Thousands of guided trips and fly fishing classes have helped to renew and refresh the spirit of thousands of anglers.

The Blue Quill has witnessed relationships restored, problems solved, and stress reduced while fishing, casting and tying flies. Many companies have hired our guides to take their employees on fly fishing adventures. These companies have found that fly fishing helps bond their employees together so that when back in the office the group’s work is more productive. In other words, fly fishing is therapeutic for individuals, companies and families. The best customer service the Blue Quill Angler can offer is getting people on the water fly fishing!

The next best thing to being on the river fly fishing is hanging around the fly shop looking at the latest fly patterns, picking up needed supplies, and finding out the latest fishing information. The Blue Quill Angler feels like “home”; the coffee is on, at least until noon, and customer service is built around helping anglers decide what gear is needed, how to use it, and where to go fishing. Keep in touch with everything going on at Blue Quill by signing up for the email newsletter and visiting the website, becoming a fan on Facebook or getting our Tweets of what’s fishing good.

The belief of the Blue Quill Angler is that the best possible products in the fly fishing world have been chosen for our customers. But special orders are available if we missed something. And custom flies are available too – bring in a pattern and it will be duplicated to your standards.

Our staff is constantly in touch with the fly fishing conditions on these rivers. The Upper Colorado, Williams ForkBlue River above Green Mtn. Reservoir, South Platte and the North Fork of the South Platte, as well as Clear Creek and Bear Creek. When you call we can give you accurate and updated fishing conditions, or you can sign up for Pat Dorsey’s Stream Report and receive it via email.