We are excited to announce the all new Blue Quill Angler (BQA) Loyalty Program The new Loyalty Program allows us to offer you 5% loyalty award on all qualifying purchases made in our shop our in our online store. It is FREE to join and your points will automatically be tracked. You will receive a monthly email statement showing your point balance and earned rewards, plus you will receive an update after each qualifying purchase.

Loyalty Points Program Summary:

  • The Loyalty Program is Free To Join
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent in the shop or in our on-line store
  • You will earn a $25 Blue Quill Angler Loyalty Reward for every 500 points earned
  • Your points and rewards are automatically tracked and may be redeemed in the shop or on phone orders. Online redemption is coming soon.
  • Your rewards can be used as soon as they are earned
  • The Loyalty Points 
are able to be acquired from every manufacturer we represent
  • You will receive a monthly email statement showing your current point balance and earned rewards

Restrictions may apply: Items already on sale, all classes, schools, destination trips, guide services and specific promotional
 events held at the Blue Quill Angler may be excluded from the Loyalty Program. $25.00 loyalty certificates MUST be redeemed in full – we cannot give cash back or leave a remaining balance.