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Fishing Report: Bear Creek

Flows: 21.1 CFS – Morrison

Clarity: Excellent

Hatches: Midges

Major Food Organisms: Midges

Conditions: Low and slow this time of year with the majority of fish camping out in the deeper runs and pools.  Deep nymphing with a double midge combo will work well.

Suggested Patterns: #22-24 Top Secret Midge, #20-24 Chocolate Foam Wing Emerger, #20-22 Jujubaetis, #22 Stalcup’s Baetis, #20-22 Mercury Midge

About Bear Creek

Bear Creek is a small creek that begins up in the Mount Evans Wilderness and makes it’s way through Evergreen, CO, Kittredge, CO, Idledale, CO and Morrison, CO before entering into Bear Ponds and then into the South Platte River down in town near Englewood. As it moves downstream, Kerr Gulch, Cold Spring Gulch and Saw Mill Gulch all add to it’s flow making it a sustainable river to fish from spring to fall. Bear Creek is very accessible and perfect for day trips or weekend trips where you don’t want to fish the same water everyday. Characterized primarily as a canyon fishery with lots of pocket water, deep holes and fishy-looking runs, there are tons of trout in this river ranging from 6 inches up to 18 on rare occasions.