Current Conditions

Clear Creek – Lawson

Flow: 21 ft3/s
Temp: N/A F
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Clear Creek – Golden

Flow: 39 ft3/s
Temp: N/A F
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Recent Reports

Fishing Report: Clear Creek

Clarity: Excellent

Hatches: BWO’s and Midges

Major Food Organisms: Blue Wing Olives and Midges

Conditions:  BWO’s and Midges are the bug of choice right now on Clear Creek.  Traditional nymphing with a BWO/Midge combined with an egg with produce fish. Euro nymphing has been extremely successful fishing a single jig nymph in darker colors.  This time of year is a great time to try Euro nymphing on Clear Creek

Suggested Patterns: Dark colored jig nymphs like Devil Jigs in Black and Green, Jigged Prince Nymph and Jigged Quill Nymph. For midges and blue wing olives patterns, try a #20-22 Stalcup’s Baetis, #20-22 Sparkle Wing RS 2, #20- 22 Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail, #20-22 Jujubaetis, and #20-22 Chocolate Foam Wing Emergers, #20-22 Black Fly Larvae, #20-22 Mercury Midge, #22-26 Top Secret Midge, #20-24 Medallion Midges, #20-22 Mercury Blood Midge, #20-22 Mercury Flashback Black Beauty, #20-22 Tungsten Flashback Black Beauty, #20-22 Minute Midge, #20-22 Periwinkle, #20-22 Pearl Jam, #20-22 Brassie, #18-22 Buckskin, and #20-22 Chironoflash.

About Clear Creek

In 1988 when the Blue Quill opened its doors, there was very little fly fishing going on in Clear Creek. The river had suffered over one hundred years of mining pollution, channeling and chemical spills along I-70. Since 1983, Clear Creek has been a Federal Super Fund clean-up site and each year the water seems cleaner, the hatches of aquatic insects more abundant and the fishing better and better. Clear Creek is only seven miles from BQA and is home to a very high number of naturally reproducing brown trout.

Clear Creek Watershed is unique. With a mountain range of 14,000 foot peaks as its western boundary and approximately sixty linear miles of mainstream river water, it hosts a variety of natural habitats and wildlife populations. Much of Clear Creek is open to fishing from Golden all the way west to Georgetown. There are many pull-offs on HWY 6 and lots of access points on the service road that parallels I-70. Much of the river is channeled and rocky and can be a dangerous stream to fish especially during run-off though it remains a popular front range stream for kayaks and rafts.

Despite the inerrant problems with the environment, Clear Creek can be a very fun and exciting stream to fish with a stimulator or a bead head dropper. The fish are often pushed over on the edges and seem to be behind every rock. Czech nymphing techniques can also be very productive. Clear Creek is the perfect place for an afternoon or evening of fly fishing without the long drive necessary to many other spots and offers many miles of productive angling with low angling pressure.