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South Platte River – Eleven Mile Canyon

Flow: 93 ft3/s
Temp: 41 °F
Wind: 19 MPH SW

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Pat Dorsey’s Stream Report – Elevenmile Canyon – South Platte

Elevenmile Canyon is known for its superb dry fly fishing. The Trico hatch is one of many that anglers should concentrate their efforts on.

Current Conditions

Clarity: Excellent

14 Day Forecast: Look for hatches of midges, caddis, yellow sallies, PMD’s, and Tricos. Flows are back to their normal historic levels which is great news!

Tips and Other Information: Flows are perfect in Eleven Mile Canyon and fishing has been good.  Anglers should prepare themselves for hatches of midges, blue-winged olives, caddis,  yellow sallies, and Tricos.  An attractor (stonefly, San Juan Worms, scuds, leech, etc.)  trailed by a size 18-20 Barr Emerger,  Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail, Juju Baetis, Chocolate Foam Wing Emerger, or Mitchell’s Split Case is a good bet right now. Look for good flows and reliable fishing for weeks to come. Eleven Mile Reservoir is completely full (102%) which is good news for the remainder of the summer season.

Effective Patterns:  #22 Stalcup’s Baetis, #14-16 San Juan Worm, #14-16 UV Scud, #16-18 red Copper John, #20-22 Juju Baetis, #20-24 Chocolate Foam Wing Emerger, #18-20 Mercury Pheasant Tail, #20-24 RS 2, #18-20 Buckskin, #18 Mitchell’s Split Case PMD, #18 Barr’s Emerger (PMD) #16 Barr’s Graphic Caddis, #16 Mercer’s Swing Caddis, #14-16 Elk Hair Caddis, #16 Yellow Sally #16 Stimulator, #18-20 Sparkle Dun, and #20-22 Parachute Adams.

About Elevenmile Canyon

Fly Fishing Conditions for Elevenmile Canyon Along the South Platte River from The Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, CO

After a variety of conservation efforts, the tailwater below the Eleven Mile Canyon Reservoir has flourished into a premier example of legendary Colorado fly fishing. Loaded with trout that eat well on a variety of small midges and mayflies, a trip to Elevenmile offers a memorable day of fly fishing. For roughly 10 miles between the town of Lake George and the 135-foot dam at Elevenmile, you’ll find a granite encrusted canyon holding first-rate trout stream. Fly fishing here provides you with options from fishing flats to swirling currents and beautiful pools. Only artificial flies or lures as well as catch and release is allowed at Eleven Mile Canyon for the first four miles below the dam. As always, check with the authorities before your trip to Eleven Mile for the most up to date regulations.

What Kind of Fishing Can You Expect at Eleven Mile?

Habitat improvement efforts have come through in a big way for Elevenmile. According to one aquatic biologist for the upper South Platte River Basin, they’ve recently been seeing more fish in this section of river than ever before. Even in the dead of winter, the first mile of river below the dam is not typically frozen, so this is a good spot to fish all year. In early spring, midges hatch for several hours to offer some of the best dry fly fishing around. As the warmer temperatures of spring set in, blue-winged olives (BWOs) start to show up. Duns seem popular through June and August when flows are around 150-250 CFS. By mid-July, the tricos have begun to hatch for some unforgettable dry fly fishing. In the colder months from November to February, sporadic BWO hatches can be found early on before midges become the staple of a trout’s diet. To learn more about Eleven Mile Canyon and all things fly fishing, contact us at The Blue Quill Angler where we also offer guided fly fishing trips in Colorado.