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Pat Dorsey’s Fishing Report: Spinney Mountain – Charlie Meyers SWA

The Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area (commonly called the Spinney Mountain Ranch or Dream Stream) is a classic meandering, meadow stream. Anglers have the opportunity to catch rainbows, cut-bows, cutthroats, and brown trout when they fish this fabled stretch of water.

Current Conditions 

Clarity: Good

14 Day Forecast: Look for hatches of caddis, pale morning duns, yellow sallies, and Tricos.

Tips and Other Information: Currently the flows are perfect on the Dream Stream. As you might imagine, fishing has been good with river levels holding steady at nearly 300 cfs for a week.  Anglers willing to work hard and cover a lot of water are catching a mixed bag of rainbows, cutbows, and brown trout.  Anglers should prepare themselves for hatches of Tricos, PMD’s, caddis and yellow sallies. Effective flies have been caddis larvae and PMD nymphs dropped off a larger attractor nymph like a scud, San Juan Worm, or cranefly larvae. The City of Aurora plans to match incoming flows (as their releases) so hopefully it keeps on raining in South Platte.  The mosquitoes are starting to get bad, so make sure you wear a long sleeve shirt and bring some Deep Woods Off.

Effective Patterns: #10 Pine Squirrel Leech, #10 Mayer’s Mini Leech, #20 JujuBaetis, #18-20 Mercury Flashback PT, #14 San Juan Worm, #18 Buckskin, #16 Barr’s Graphic Caddis, #16-18 Barr’s PMD Emerger, #16 PMD, #14-16 Elk Hair Caddis, #14-16 Puterbaugh Caddis, #14 Yellow Stimulator, and #24 Stalcup’s Trico

About Fly Fishing at the Spinney Mountain Ranch Dream Stream in Colorado

This beautiful section of the South Platte River meanders through a lush meadow portion of the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area and is often referred to affectionately as the “Dream Stream.” There are a lot of large trout to find along this three-mile stretch of the South Platte river, and the scenery is everything one would expect from the illustrious Colorado Rocky Mountains. The Dream Stream is in the heart of South Park nestled between 14,000-foot snow-capped mountain peaks to the west, abounding ranchland to the north and south along with the iconic Pikes Peak to the east. Whether you’re casting nymphs, dry flies, or streamers, Spinney Mountain Ranch is a well-balanced fishery that defines Colorado fly fishing.

What’s the Fishing Like at the Spinney Mountain Ranch Dream Stream in Colorado?

This stretch of the South Platte River is prime trout habitat that includes riffles, runs, gravel bars, shelves, and undercut banks. Fly fishing anglers can expect to pull in a mixed bag of rainbows, browns, and cutthroats ranging from 16 to 20 inches. What’s more, extraordinary rainbows and cutthroats up to 12 pounds make an appearance during spring spawning runs from Eleven Mile Reservoir, and similar sized browns and kokanee salmon in the fall can be available for about a three to four week period. Ideal flow for the Dream Stream is between 100 CFS and 250 CFS while regulations are flies and lures only with all fish being returned to the water immediately. The Dream Stream is one of our favorite places to host guided fly fishing trips, and you’ll be hard put to find better guides than ours at The Blue Quill Angler based in Evergreen, Colorado. Book a fly fishing trip with us today on the Dream Stream!