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Pat Dorsey’s Fishing Report: Spinney Mountain – Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area

The Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area (commonly called the Spinney Mountain Ranch or Dream Stream) is a classic meandering, meadow stream. Anglers have the opportunity to catch rainbows, cut-bows, cutthroats, and brown trout when they fish this fabled stretch of water. 

Current Conditions 

Flow: 99 cfs

Clarity: Excellent

Water Temperature:  Low to mid 40’s

Hatches: Midges and the occasional blue-winged olive

14 Day Forecast: Look for low flows and technical fishing until Spinney Reservoir fills.

Tips and Other Information:  Conditions are not bad considering the time of year! Inflows are only 40 cfs, so look for the City of Aurora and Colorado Parks and Wildlife to keep the flows between 80 and 120 cfs Spinney Reservoir fills.  There is plenty of snow in the high country and things will improve with warmer weather.  Nighttime lows are still too cold to manifest the snow fields into water. Anglers willing to work hard and cover water however are catching some great fish in South Park. There are plenty of opportunities to catch trout with surface offerings in the slower pools and tailouts. It’s hard to go wrong with a size 22-26 Matt’s Midge or Parachute Adams to fool these “risers”. During the non-hatch periods, red midge larva, Pheasant Tails, Manhattan Midges, Buckskins, and Jujubaetis nymphed under a strike indicator have been effective. Don’t rule out fishing streamers or fishing leeches either, as they are producing some excellent fish as well.

Effective Patterns: # 20 Manhattan Midge,  Mayer’s Mini Leech, Pine Squirrel Leech, #18 Micro Egg, #18-22 Mercury Pheasant Tails, #18-20 Buckskins, #20-22 Barr Emergers, #20-22 Jujubaetis,  #20-22 Flashback Black Beauty, #20-22 Minute Midge, #20-22 Tube Midge, #20-22 Chironoflash, #20-22 Mercury Blood Midge, #20-22 Foam Wing Chocolate Emerger , #20-26 Parachute Adams, #18 Griffith Gnat, and #20-22 Matt’s Midge

About Spinney Mountain Ranch

The lush meandering, meadow portion of the South Platte between Spinney and Eleven Mile Reservoirs is known as the “Dream Stream” or the Charlie Meyer’s State Wildlife Area.  This beautiful 3-mile section of the Platte offers anglers the opportunity of a lifetime to catch large trout. This fabulous tailwater fishery is located in the heart of South Park, tucked between 14,000 foot snow capped peaks on the west, rich ranchland to the north and south, and Pikes Peak on the east. Spinney is a well-balanced fishery where anglers can catch trout on nymphs, dry flies and streamers.

The river is comprised of prime trout habitat, which includes, riffles, runs, gravel bars, shelves, and undercut banks. Fly-fishers can expect to catch a mixed bag of rainbows, browns, and cutthroats in 16-20 inch range. In addition spring (rainbows, and cutthroats) and fall (browns and kokanee salmon) spawning runs from Elevenmile Reservoir are quite impressive with fish up to 12 pounds landed during a key three-four week period. Ideal flow conditions for “Dream Stream” are between 100 CFS and 250 CFS. The regulations are flies and lures only and all fish must be returned to the water immediately.