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Brian Kelso: Personal & Professional Background

Brian started his career in fly fishing at the Blue Quill Angler in 2010. He is a Colorado native and went on his first fly fishing trip at age 12. He is a graduate from Western State Colorado University, where he not only got a good education in the standard sense, but a good education in fly fishing from some of the pickiest trout in the West. Brian fished in his first fly fishing competition at the 2012 America’s Cup in Vail, and has been passionate about competitive fly fishing and European Nymphing techniques ever since. Brian is the instructor for Blue Quill’s European Nymphing clinics, and loves to share his knowledge and passion for the sport. He is also a very avid fly tier and designer, and is a contract tier for Umpqua Feather Merchants.

“Fly fishing is an amazing sport not only for the hope of the next fish, but it is also a great avenue for adventure, and the beautiful places it takes you.” – Brian