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Cameron Kramer: Fly Fishing Guide Background

Cameron started his fly fishing career in 2016 and has been fully addicted ever since! As a fourth generation Colorado native, Cameron learned his craft on the South Platte River near Deckers and Eleven Mile Canyon. After high school, he attended college at Western State in the Gunnison Valley. There, he received both a conventional education as well as one in technical tailwater trout below Taylor dam and dry fly eaters on the mighty Gunnison River.

Soon after discovering the sport, Cameron quickly turned to fly tying. After filling fly boxes for himself, he began tying commercially.

At the Blue Quill Angler, Cameron teaches our “Introduction to Fly Fishing” classes and “Fly Tying” classes. He is also one of our dedicated fly fishing guides. When not on the water, you can find Cameron tying up his go-to tailwater patterns or stalking picky trout in Cheesman Canyon.