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Cat Toy: Fly Fishing Guide Background

The beautiful river resonates trickles, bubbles, and ripples with the existence of what a river is. Fly fishing for Cat has become the art of casting, fly tying, and the passion to entice the trout at many picturesque rivers, creeks, and streams in Colorado. Fly fishing has so many intricate details and facets from the spontaneous hatches, to the most technical presentations necessary for the clever trout. She is passionate to partake in guiding river guest with her knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Cat grew up in Mammoth Lakes, California, spin fishing trout in the scenic lakes, rivers, and creeks in a quaint ski resort town nestled in the magnificent Southern Sierra Nevada mountain range. She has always had a zest for the outdoors with a background mastery of fishing, downhill skiing, mountaineering, and racing motocross. She caught her first trout fly fishing at the Frying pan river in Colorado, and her passion for it mushroomed to win this gift.

Cat holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and a minor in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno where her critical thinking skills as a full-time nurse gets her to think “outside the box” for the meticulous trout. She is also an avid fly tier. “There is such great enjoyment with fly tying and the absolute bliss catching beautiful trout on your own tied flies.” Fly tying gives her “the artistic touch in creating the tiniest forms of art for the prize, the trout.”

She is also a volunteer ski patrol at Loveland Ski Area with her Outdoor Emergency Care and Outdoor Emergency Toboggan sled certifications.