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Cody is a Colorado native who was born in Denver and raised just below Mt. Evans in Evergreen. While most of his childhood was spent running around the woods with his two brothers and a malamute named Casey, fishing was always his true calling. He was hooked from the first time he visited the water with his Snoopy fishing pole and a can of worms.

The majority of his fishing took place at a lake house in northern Wisconsin, chasing bluegill and largemouth bass. “I still look back at all the great times I had when my Grandpa would take my brothers and I to dig up worms and then go out on the rowboat and catch more bluegill than one could ever count. Most of the time, all we had was a 9 foot bamboo pole with a 10 foot section of monofilament tied to the tip. No reel necessary, just a hooked worm and a bobber.”

At the age of fourteen, Cody was introduced to fly fishing by taking a job at a fly shop, at the time, just for some money. He quickly discovered how passionate he was for the sport. Over the next nine years he spent every possible moment on the river with a couple friends from high school. “We all fished together most days of the week, which gave strong meaning to the term ‘the bug.’ When the bug bites, it’s best to let him eat!” They started out fishing our local streams, Bear Creek and Clear Creek. It was only a matter of time until they began stalking the pickiest trout around the state of Colorado to find the one they couldn’t catch! Then they did whatever it would take to catch it, sharpening their skills with every moment spent on the river together.

Cody began working at The Blue Quill Angler in April 2008 and is there on a full-time basis. He is always ready to provide any information he can to help fellow anglers find and feed “their bug.”

“I figured since I needed a job, but all I wanted to do is fish, I might as well work at a fly shop. I jumped on an opportunity to work at The Blue Quill Angler and discovered that it is a great environment for a trout bum to work in. I like being able to interact with so many fly fishers. Not only do I get the chance to share my passion and knowledge of fly fishing, but I learn more and more every day from all of my fellow anglers.”