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Corey Carter: Fly Fishing Guide Background

Ever since catching his first fish at 5 years old, Corey has been hooked on fishing. While he was growing up, Corey and his father could be found on a lake or a river, fishing the day away. Originally from California, Corey moved to Colorado in 2011 to pursue his career as a Firefighter/Paramedic. His passion for fishing continued on his days off; but after being introduced to fly fishing in 2016, he hasn’t been able to put the fly rod down. When Corey isn’t working at the firehouse or guiding, you can find him fishing one of his favorite stretches of water, Cheeseman Canyon.

“One of the greatest parts of fly fishing is it allows you to be in the moment, relax, and to take in your surroundings.” Corey is a passionate teacher, and wants each of his clients to not only make great memories, but to learn something new from each trip. He loves that fly fishing is dynamic and allows him to continuously learn and consistently work on his craft every time he gets on the water.

Corey and his wife Brigitte love to travel, and are expecting their first child later this summer.