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Jerry Vigil: Personal & Professional Background

Jerry is a Colorado native who grew up in Southwest Denver. He has over 40 years of Fly Fishing experience. He is primarily a self-taught fly fisherman who remembers the early days of not catching anything but learning and loving the challenge that it brought. Over time he has learned and taught many methods in the art of fly fishing and openly admits that it is a continuous learning process that takes a lifetime to master. He is also an avid fly tier and enjoys teaching kids how to tie flies. He says “I love seeing people catch a fish on a fly that I tied”.

Jerry considers the South Platte river his home water and has been fishing it most of his life. He also loves fly fishing lakes. His favorite lakes to fly fish are; Spinney, Antero and Eleven Mile. When he was very young he had a newspaper route and did many odd jobs so he could earn money to buy his first fly rod and flies from K-mart. He would spend every free moment fly fishing for carp on the South Platte river in Downtown Denver. Jerry served four years in the United States Army as a Calvary Scout, straight out of High School. Jerry says, ‘Serving my country as a soldier, was a great privilege and honor. My military experience taught me how to have pride, integrity and respect toward others and that freedom is not free’. Jerry has volunteered countless hours working with wounded military veterans, some who have battled PTSD.

Jerry has two amazing sons; Jerry Jr and Michael. He has an incredibly understanding wife Martha, three step-children (Nathan, Noah and Nichole) and three grand-daughters (Shealeigh, Ellieana and Makenna). When Jerry is not guiding, he is tying flies or fishing with his best friend and fellow BQA guide, Joe.