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John Keefover - Fly Fishing Guide in Colorado

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John Keefover: Personal & Professional Background

John Keefover is a Colorado native who’s been fly fishing since he was 14. Growing up near Pine, the South Platte naturally became (and still is) his home water. He likes to joke that he was educated at Deckers College, got his Masters at the Dream Stream Institute, and his Ph.D. at the University of Cheesman Canyon. He has been guiding professionally through the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen since 2005, with mentors like Pat Dorsey and other great Quill guides.

John spends over 200 days a year on the water, pursuing the art and science of deceiving trout. “It’s all about time on the water,” he says. “If I’m not guiding, I’m still out there doing what I call research and development.” He logs all his trips in terms of weather, stream flows, hatches, and hot flies, always keeping a finger on what’s going on throughout the season. This data-based discipline may be what gives him his uncanny knack for what’s going to work, where and when.

Perhaps his most distinctive quality as a guide is keeping the focus on the client. “It’s not about how good a fisherman I am, but putting my guests in a good place with the confidence to succeed.” He prides himself in his preparation and attention to detail – his client’s skill level, needs, expectations, and what they want to learn, in order to deliver the best fly fishing experience possible.

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