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Kerry Caraghar: Fly Fishing Guide Background

Kerry is a Colorado native where his family has lived since the mid 1800’s. His love affair with fly-fishing began at an early age when he learned to fish on beaver ponds in Buffalo Creek, Co. near his grandfather’s hotel. Summers spent fishing and with storytelling on the hotel porch became a part of his DNA. It came as no surprise to Kerry’s parents when he announced his dream of one day becoming a professional fly fisherman. Rich experiences steeped in Co. tradition formed the foundation of Kerry’s love for the sport and his lifelong passion for fly-fishing for wild trout on all the South Platte drainages.

Kerry became an Orvis-endorsed guide and instructor in 1988. He guided for the Flyfisher in Denver from 1988 to 2000 and later for The Blue Quill in Evergreen, Co. from 1992-93. Kerry has also guided and conducted numerous fishing schools for Anglers All, Ltd. in Littleton, Co. and Kerry joined the Orvis Company in 2005 at the company’s flagship store in Cherry Creek. In 2008 the company awarded him Fishing Manager of the Year—a national award. In his role there until 2015 he was frequently tapped by the Denver media as a spokesperson for the sport, and was sought after as a speaker by groups across the metro area. Kerry is currently Director of Fly Fishing Schools and the Guide Coordinator at the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, Co. where he is also enjoying increased river time as a fishing guide.

Kerry’s experience fly-fishing across the Rocky Mountain west has expanded to include salt water fishing with a fly rod.  But, Ireland, the home of his ancestors, remains Kerry’s favorite destination for fly fishing.

Kerry Caraghar teaching a child the basics