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Peter Ryan: Fly Fishing Guide Background

It is the complex, and often challenging, balance between nature and person; its beauty; as well as a persistent need to distill those complexities, which have driven Peter Ryan’s obsession with fly-fishing. An unyielding desire to have others experience similar moments of connection with nature furthers Peter Ryan’s passion for guiding and his devotion to sharing his experiences and knowledge with others.

Peter Ryan grew up spin fishing the lakes, ponds and streams of New England. He moved to Colorado in 1993 and a year later, hooked and landed his first trout on a fly rod…its been fly fishing ever since. He spent the remainder of the 90’s fishing The Big Thompson River, Indian Peaks Wilderness, as well as The St. Vrain and surrounding Front Range watersheds.

Catching wild trout in high mountain lakes and streams made the move to California that much more difficult. However…
Degrees from UCLA and UC Berkeley in Geotechnical/Earthquake Engineering as well as working as a licensed Civil Engineer have served Peter’s academic and analytical approach to solving the “problem” of catching selective trout.

“Every moment is a chance to learn something new, a wealth of information; and I take nothing for granted.”
Peter Ryan’s time as a practicing engineer, and the moments reflecting back, only deepen his appreciation and gratitude for being able to have the opportunity to work with The Blue Quill Angler and make fly-fishing his career and to now have a life that he truly loves.
“I finally feel at home at the Blue Quill, like family.”

Swiftwater rescue training; courses in hydrology, fluid and thermodynamics; along with years as a class V whitewater kayaker have benefited Peter Ryan’s appreciation and understanding of, as well as, respect for the river’s journey: from a mountain’s peak to the crashing waves of the ocean. All of these experiences have also provided him with a perspective deep below the surface and in many ways an even deeper comprehension of a fish’s lies.

For Peter Ryan, fly-fishing is a nonstop pursuit. On the river and off the river, Peter is blessed to be able to make a life of fly-fishing. His absolute aim, on each river he guides, is to “crack the code” and there is little reward greater than fooling a selective trout on an original fly imitation, often tied the night before.

“There is no moment where I am not deeply committed to making the day of my guest the best it can be. I am incredibly grateful to work with and be surrounded by the most intelligent, generous and accomplished trout fisherman and guides in the world and finally feel at home. Thank you. I look forward to meeting you.” – Peter Ryan