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To book a stillwater trip, give us a acall at (303) 674-4700 or book your trip online and our guide coordinator will get you set up for the trip of a lifetime. We are a “Licensed River Outfitter – Issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife” #552.

Rainbow Trout Catch at Spinney Mountain Reservoir During a Guided Stillwater Trip with the Blue Quill Angler Book Your Trip Now

Stillwater Fly Fishing Trips

At Spinney Mountain Reservoir – One of the Best Stillwater Fisheries

In the vast expanse that is South Park lie four beautiful lakes that are arguably among the best stillwaters in Colorado for catching and landing trout on a fly rod. The Blue Quill Angler has the ability to run “Lake Float” guide trips on Antero, Spinney, 11-Mile and Tarryall Reservoirs. With a protein rich diet, the trout growth rate in some of these lakes is phenomenal, often more than an inch a month during the summer season. On a good day, you will not believe how many fish you can catch, and with 20″ fish being fairly common in some of these lakes, you have the chance to catch a “Troutzilla” anytime you go out.

Eric Atha, our primary “Lake Float” guide has years of stillwater experience fly fishing for trout. Likewise, Joe Shafer and Jerry Vigil, our two main “Float Tube” guides, have decades of experience teaching and fishing from a float tube. The best time of year to visit these lakes is from usually from early May through the first week of July, which gives you a great option when run-off is making many rivers in the state somewhat challenging.

Stillwater Trips - Guided Fly Fishing with the Blue Quill Angler

In May, Spinney gets a huge midge hatch. You can just close your eyes and listen to the singing of millions of midges as they hover over your head. Later in June, the Callibaetis Mayflies emerge and they can last on into September. There can be a descent Damsels hatch and Scuds are the staple along with an abundant number of crayfish that keep these fish growing fast with lots of energy.

There is a large number of Pike in Spinney, and some really big ones. We do target them in the late spring and fall.