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Walk/Wade Stillwater Guided Trips:
$495 –  1 Angler
$595 – 2 Anglers
$695 – 3 Anglers
Personal Watercraft Stillwater Guided Trips:
$495 – 1 Angler
$595 – 2 Anglers
*Float Tube rentals, if needed,  are $25 per day. This includes float tube, fins, and all of the safety gear required.

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To book a stillwater trip, give us a acall at (303) 674-4700 or book your trip online and our guide coordinator will get you set up for the trip of a lifetime. We are a “Licensed River Outfitter – Issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife” #552.

Rainbow Trout Catch at Spinney Mountain Reservoir During a Guided Stillwater Trip with the Blue Quill Angler Book Your Trip Now

Lake Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fly fishing in lakes (AKA stillwater) can be intimidating for many anglers. Traditionally, most of us learn to fly fish in rivers, but fishing a lake is an entirely different ballgame. For starters, locating feeding fish can be much tougher on a lake, making it difficult to decide where and how to start. We’ve found that many anglers without the knowledge, or experience for that matter, have the tendency to overlook stillwater as a viable fly fishing option altogether. Big mistake – don’t fall into this trap. Lakes provide great fishing opportunities all season long and offer reliable places to fish during the run-off season in our rivers. While there’s quite a lot to learn, the rewards are well worth your efforts. Let us make your learning curve on stillwater quick and easy so you can start enjoying all that our lakes and reservoirs in Colorado have to offer!

Fly Fishing from Boats/Personal Watercraft

While powerboats and personal watercraft aren’t mandatory for fly fishing stillwater, they certainly give anglers an advantage. Float tubes, single/double-man pontoons, rafts, kayaks, and drift boats are all examples of personal watercraft available to anglers. These all give anglers a chance to get away from some of the crowds, cover water, stealthily approach the fish, and follow the fish to deeper water when needed. Not to mention, they just provide an enjoyable day on the water. However, getting to the fish is only part of the equation. The other part, actually catching fish, requires different strategies than fly fishing a river. That’s why we have guides available to teach you how to fly fish from your personal watercraft. Whether you have a float tube, a pontoon, a kayak or any other personal watercraft, bring it and our guides will teach you proven tactics that are successful in every lake trout swim in Colorado.
Personal watercraft guided trips are offered on Wellington Lake, Spinney Reservoir, Eleven Mile Reservoir, Antero Reservoir, and Tarryall Reservoir. We also have access to Rocky Mountain Angling Club properties and other private lakes, including Hidden Valley Pond – which is part of the Troublesome lease. Float tubes from Outcast Sporting Gear are available to rent for the day, which includes fins and all the safety gear required.
Powerboat guided trips are led by veteran guide, Eric Atha. His 18-foot bay boat, complete with shallow water anchors, a GPS trolling motor, and state-of-the-art side-view fish finders, is the perfect vessel to chase your trophy in. Eric brings nearly 4 decades of experience fly fishing Colorado’s waters. Combine that with his passion for teaching and helping others, and you’re in for a day you won’t forget!
Fly fishing lakes from powerboats or personal watercraft can be productive all season. From ice-off in the spring to ice-on in the late fall, having the ability to fish a wider variety of water all year makes stillwater fly fishing from a personal watercraft ideal.

Stillwater Trips - Guided Fly Fishing with the Blue Quill Angler

Wade Fly Fishing in Lakes

Many lakes in Colorado offer fantastic opportunities for those without a boat. In fact, during certain times of year, a wading angler is often well within casting range of trophy trout. Since there are limitations to wading in a lake, adapting to the conditions is crucial for success. Our guides are well versed in teaching you how to catch fish during the different conditions we face throughout the year. They’ll also teach you the importance of understanding how the variables, such as water temps, entomology, weather, and others impact trout feeding behaviors. This knowledge will ultimately lead to more fish in your net.
The best times of year for the wade fly fisherman are typically after ice-off until early summer, and again in late summer throughout the fall. The hotter summer months, mainly the end of July through early September, offer great fishing opportunities as well, but the fish will tend to be deeper following the cooler water. This shifts the prime opportunity for wade fishermen to early in the morning and later in the afternoon/evening.
We offer full day walk/wade guided fly fishing trips on Wellington Lake, Spinney Reservoir, Eleven Mile Reservoir, Antero Reservoir, and Tarryall Reservoir. We also have access to Rocky Mountain Angling Club lakes and other private lakes, including Hidden Valley Pond – which is part of the Troublesome lease.