Arkansas River Public Water With over 300 miles of river, the Arkansas River starts it journey deep in the Sawatch Mountains (highest mountain range in Colorado) and runs unobstructed until it reaches the eastern plains and a dam in the town of Pueblo.
Bear Creek Public Water

Bear Creek is a small creek that begins up in the Mount Evans Wilderness and makes it’s way through Evergreen, CO, Kittredge, CO, Idledale, CO and Morrison, CO before entering into Bear Ponds and then into the South Platte River down in town near Englewood.

Blue River Public Water The Blue River is nestled far enough into the mountains to give an angler a good sense of Colorado. The water coming off the bottom of Lake Dillion is extremely cold, thus fishing is better as the day progresses.
Boxwood Gulch Ranch Private Water This section of the South Platte River is one of Denver’s premier fishing destinations Located only 1.5 hours drive from DIA. Winter or summer, the fishing is great!
Cheesman Canyon Public Water Jim Cannon of the Blue Quill Angler states “…anytime is the right time to fish Cheesman Canyon, it can be fished all year”. The boulder-filled Cheeseman Canyon section of the South Platte River is considered by many to be one of the most pristine fisheries in the world.
Clear Creek Public Water In 1988 when the Blue Quill opened its doors, there was very little fly fishing going on in Clear Creek. The river had suffered over one hundred years of mining pollution, channeling and chemical spills along I-70. Since 1983, Clear Creek has been a Federal Super Fund clean-up site and each year the water seems cleaner, the hatches of aquatic insects more abundant and the fishing better and better.
Colorado River Public Water As the Colorado River travels west from Rocky Mountain National Park, it converges with the Fraser River near the town of Hot Sulfur Springs and provides fantastic fly fishing.
Deckers - South Platte Public Water The area below Cheesman Canyon is the popular Deckers area where anglers enjoy easy access and plenty of opportunity to catch fish. The best fishing is from the bridge crossing to the lower boundary of the WigWam Club.
Long Meadow Ranch Private Water Long Meadow Ranch is located about 50 miles from Denver in Shawnee, Colorado and is comprised of over two miles of private trout waters along the North Fork of the South Platte River. It is just upstream from Boxwood Gulch and offers some of the finest private water fly fishing trips in the state. It is managed by Dan Mauritz, owner of Boxwood Gulch Ranch, for trophy trout fishing.
North Fork Guest Ranch Private Water The North Fork Guest Ranch is located on two miles of the North Fork of the South Platte River. It is an all-inclusive working dude ranch during the months of June, July and August. The ranch is located seven miles south of Bailey, right off Highway 285, and holds some of the best private water in Colorado.
North Fork Meadows Private Water This section of water is broken up into two pieces, the upper and the lower. Together, they provide the angler with opportunities to fish riffles, runs, shelves, pools, and pocket water. The fish are extremely healthy and, at the right time of the year, readily taking nymphs, dries, and streamers.
Spinney Mountain Ranch "The Dream Stream" Public Water The winding, treeless, meadow portion of the South Platte River between Spinney and Elevenmile Reservoirs is known as the Dream Stream.
Troublesome Creek Private Water

Troublesome Creek is a tributary of the Colorado River that enters the Colorado between Parshal and Kremmling. It is a small stream that had stream improvement done on it over 20 years ago, creating a diverse, natural looking stream with riffles, runs, deep holes and undercut banks meandering through rich hay meadows and willow lined banks.

Williams Fork Public Water The Williams Fork River, aka The Fork, parallels the Blue River and is a tributary of the Colorado. It holds one of the finest populations of brown trout in the west. From the Williams Fork Dam, downstream to the Colorado River, is a two-mile stretch of fly fishing paradise.