Learn Fly Fishing from The Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, CO

Learn fly fishing from the Blue Quill Angler. Since 1988, The Blue Quill Angler has been helping people relieve stress with fly fishing in renowned waters throughout the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Fly fishing is our business and our passion, and few things bring us greater joy than introducing new people to fly fishing and helping anglers advance their skill. Whether you’re new to the excitement of fly fishing, or you’ve been casting a line for a while and would like to further improve your knowledge and skill, we’re here to help. The links on this page offer a comprehensive insight to what you need to know learn fly fishing. If you’re just starting out, we recommend getting familiar with the basic knots along with a simple understanding of entomology which means recognizing families of insects and what developmental state they’re in.


All about the bugs. Learn methods for identifying the large variety of flies, which to use, and when.


Learn knotting techniques and patterns from beginner to advanced.


All the fly fishing lingo spelled out in understandable terms.

Fishing a Dry/Dropper Rig

An effective method for small streams, creek and larger rivers with lots of boulders that create “pocket water”.

There’s Always More to Learn About Fly Fishing

Similar to the game of chess, the basics of fly fishing can be quickly learned, but it often takes a lifetime to master. Once you’ve practiced and feel comfortable with casting, basic entomology, and the necessary knots, it can be easy to settle in to the same flies, techniques, and fishing spot. This means targeting ‘honey holes’ that every other angler has fished extensively. By expanding your knowledge of the waters, fish, bugs, and techniques, you can vastly improve your productivity on the water. Remember, while the term ‘luck’ is often thrown around among anglers, it has little to do with the number and size of the fish you catch. Your success in fly fishing is directly related to the knowledge you accumulate. Consider taking one of our classes on fly fishing to learn more from world-class anglers like SIMMS Ambassadors Pat Dorsey and Bob Dye. Once you’ve enhanced your knowledge of fly fishing, sign up for one of our guided fly fishing trips to put your new skills to practice in some of Colorado’s best fisheries, tailwaters, streams, and rivers.