Polish nymphing is almost identical to the Czech nymphing style, since the Polish taught the Czech’s how to do it. The main differences are the way the leader is rigged and the number of flies fished. You still fish upstream with super heavy flies, slightly leading them downstream, matching the speed of the current.

The Polish method uses two flies with the heaviest fly in the “point” or bottom position and the lighter fly in the top position. There is an instance when you want to reverse these two flies and that is when you encounter shallow water, holding fish. By moving the heaviest fly to the top(dropper) position, it allows you to achieve better drifts through that shallow riffle or run and not hang up on the bottom as much. It will also allow you to keep all of the flies in the water vs. one being lifted out of the water while you are trying to keep the drift going

Polish Nymphing Leader vs Czech Nymphing Leader

Polish Nymphing Leader vs Czech Nymphing Leader

The leader is actually constructed by adding different diameter monofilament to each other to create a very slight taper. The biggest difference in the Polish nymphing leader vs. the Czech nymphing leader is the top fly will be attached between two Blood or Uni knots and will freely slide up and down the leader between these two knots.

This is accomplished by creating a dropper tag with a loop at the end and looping the tag around the leader. The fly can be attached to the dropper tag before you loop it around the leader just make sure to leave the loop big enough for the fly to slide through.

You can pre-rig your top fly choices at home, store them in a dropper rig fly box from Orvis and have a quick change system on the river. When the tag gets to short, you do not have to rebuild the entire bottom section of the leader.

Polish Leader Constructing - Fly Fishing Instructions from the Blue Quill Angler
Polish Nymphing Casting