Fly Tying Videos from The Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, CO

Not only is tying your own fly fishing flies a great way to save money, it’s also a rewarding hobby that always offers room to grow. At The Blue Quill Angler, one of the greatest things we get to do is share our experience and knowledge of all things fly fishing, including firsthand instruction with available fly tying classes and videos like these. If you’re new to tying your own flies, we recommend getting one of our fly tying starter kits from our shop at 1532 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen, CO 80439 or from our online fly fishing shop where orders over $30 ship directly to you at no additional charge.

Dry Flies


Jig Nymphs


Fly Tying Videos from Beginner to Advanced

Whether you just opened your first fly tying starter kit, or you’ve been tying flies for a while and looking to learn even more, you’ll find expert video fly tying instruction from our seasoned veterans at The Blue Quill Angler here. The Snowshoe Dun Dry Fly by Jim Cannon is a pretty basic fly to tie and just about indestructible while also being a particularly effective must-have for any dry fly arsenal. The Top Secret Midge from Pat Dorsey is another one that’s great for beginners and decidedly effective during spring, late fall, and winter months when trout are hitting on midges. In the videos that illustrate the tying of jig nymphs, you’ll find slightly more intermediate fly tying instruction along with a few that may prove advanced for some. If you live here in Colorado and are just getting started in fly fishing, consider enrolling in our Introduction to Fly Tying Class here at the shop in Evergreen or one of our other fly tying classes. For those living elsewhere, we have an abundance of fly tying tools, materials, and manuals available in our online shop. Check out these videos and we wish you good fishing from The Blue Quill Angler.