How to Tie the Perfection Loop Knot by The Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, CO

The Perfection Loop Knot is also known as the Angler’s Loop, and is among the main knots you should be familiar with before your first fly fishing trip. The Perfection Loop is ideal for making a small loop that lies perfectly in line with the standing end of a leader or tippet. This is a good knot to use for a loop-to-loop connection between the fly line and leader, and it can also be used for a quick change of leaders. When formed properly, the Angler’s Loop is dependable and strong.

Step One for Tying the Perfection Loop (Angler’s Loop)

Perfection Loop

Typically, it’s easiest for the Perfection Loop to be tied in-hand. Take the standing line in your left hand and form a loop by crossing the tag end over itself with your right hand. Pinch the intersection of line between the thumb and index finger of your left hand while leaving roughly five inches of the tag end available to continue tying with. Now, form a smaller loop in front of the first one by bringing the tag end in front of the first loop. Pinch the base of this loop along with the base of the first loop.

Step Two for Tying the Perfection Loop

Take the tag end and wrap it around the back of both loops before coming around between the two loops. After taking the line between both loops, add the intersection to what’s being pinched between your two fingers while leaving both loops exposed.

Final Step for Tying the Perfection Loop

With your right hand, reach through the first formed loop with your thumb and index finger to take hold of the second loop and pull I through the first loop. Lubricate the knot and slowly pull on the standing line while you continue to hold the smaller loop that you pulled through. Once tight, trim the remaining tag end close to the Anglers Loop, and you’re all set!