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P.J. D'Amico

Fly Fishing Guide


PJ grew up on Long Island, New York, where he fished the Long Island Sound for 25 years. Once he purchased his first flyrod, there was no turning back.

PJ has fished all over the world but can never wait to get back to his home waters on the South Platt. PJ especially enjoys learning about Colorado’s diverse aquatic ecosystem and how we can enhance our delicate fisheries while enjoying the art of flyfishing. “I love to witness the moment a beginner catches their first fish on a fly and is captivated the rest of their life to the art and practice of fly fishing."

PJ has traveled all over the world to create a balance between human communities and the animals who share the planet. He is always planning his next fly fishing trip to Kenya, where he has adapted Kenyan fishing tactics and where most of the locals have never seen a fisherman waving a stick on the river.

PJ is an adjunct faculty at the University of Colorado Denver where he teaches community organizing and leadership. PJ has a Masters of Theological studies and almost became a minister until he realized his true religion can be found on a river.