Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club™ is dedicated to bringing members a great selection of seasonably proven trout flies that consistently fool selective fish under a wide range of conditions. From technical nymphing to dry fly or streamer fishing under the most challenging conditions, our patterns are designed for success! Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club™ is the perfect way to amass a thorough fly selection without overthinking things.

As a member Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club, you have the opportunity to reduce the cost on some of today’s “cutting edge” fly patterns, while at the same time receiving home or office delivery with the finest product available.  This is an excellent gift for any angler you may know, especially those fly fishers that “have everything” or are hard to buy for. Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club is the “gift that keeps on giving” because you receive a new shipment of flies each month.  This is a perfect gift for the holidays, a special client or friend, Father’s or Mother’s Day, birthdays,  etc., and the list goes on.

Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club™ flies are carefully selected, beautifully tied, and coordinated with the hatches occurring during the same time in which you receive them.  For instance, in January, you’ll receive a miniscule midge imitation to stack the odds in your favor to catch trout during one of the most difficult times of the year, in April you’ll get a mayfly dun imitation to fool those super-selective surface feeders eating “olives” in your favorite fishery, and in October, you’ll be happy to add one of the “latest and greatest” streamers to your arsenal of flies, and so on. The full listing of this years package can be found on the website link on the bottom of this page.

Also included in your monthly shipment, is a newsletter that includes a brief history of the fly, the tying recipe, and informative fishing instructions. All of the flies are tied under the supervision of Pat Dorsey and produced by Umpqua Feather Merchants to the exact specifications of the original fly designers. Expert fly designers like Charlie Craven, Don Puterbaugh, Greg Garcia, Forrest Dorsey, Mark Engler, Antonio Rodrigues, Steve Maldonado, to name only a few, are part of this years program. Each year we unveil a new selection to keep a fresh assortment coming your way.

Membership to the Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club™ is $399.95 annually which entitles members to receive one dozen flies per month.  Half memberships are also available for $249.95, which means members receive six flies per month. A quarter membership entitles you to receive 3 flies per month for $199.95. Price does not include applicable taxes for those of you who live in Colorado. Flies will be shipped out FREE of charge at the beginning of each month right to your door!!

As an added bonus, members of Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club, you get additional discounts that can offset some, or all of the cost of your fly club membership.

These everyday discounts will include:

  • Discounts off  retail purchases made in our shop or online store according to your membership level.
    • Quarter members – 5%
    • Half Members – 10%
    • Full Members – 15%Note: Discount excludes Outlet/Sale Merchandise, Gift Cards and Fly Club Membership

The Blue Quill Angler considers our Fly Club members our very best VIP clients and wish to honor your loyalty with an expanded discount program. The value of these discounts will certainly offset some, if not most of the cost of your Fly Club Membership.

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Our 2021 selection is not to be missed. Here is what you can expect to be adding to your flybox soon:

January: Craven’s Two Bit Midge  Brown #22
February: Manhattan Midge Red #20
Sparkle Wing RS2 Gray #20
Mini Hot Mayfly Olive #20
Puterbaugh Foam Caddis Black #16
Craven’s Problem Child Olive #12
Hair Wing Yellow Sally #14
Cupboard Ant Black #16
Maldo’s Trico #22
Lightning Leech Black #6
Antonio’s Quill Midge #22
WD40 Chocolate #22



Join Pat Dorsey's Fly Club Today!

Fly Club as a Gift?

As many of you know – a Fly Club membership makes a great gift any time of the year. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!  Not only will your loved one be reminded each month of your generous gift, they will be able to take advantage of retail discounts at The Blue Quill Angler all year long!  Our subscriptions are offered on a rolling 12-month basis, so a subscription that starts in July, will expire the following July.  You will also have the option to add a special message that will be delivered via email to your gift recipient on any future date that you choose. They will receive a notification on the day that you selected and will be reminded of your generosity every month for the next 12 months!

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Hello Pat & Gang at Blue Quill Angler, A quick note about the fly of month club. I am sending pictures of a great fish from our trip. This fish was caught on Nov 6th, 2006 with the November Fly of the Month (#20 Egan’s Black Rainbow Warrior). Here’s some advise to anyone who has or is thinking about joining the fly of the month — “if you want to increase your success on the river, Join the FOM, read the tips on how to fish the fly, grab your flies & head to the river”. one note – you should buy the full package instead of the 1/2, because your buddies will soon hit you up for the fly that is catching all the fish. Thanks for everything!

Keith Lang

I would like to give some feedback on the July Fly of the Month (orange rubber-legged stimulator). A couple of friends and I took a week long trip to the Taylor River, Spring Creek,The East River, Lake fork of the Gunnison and Hanson Creek. On all the streams and rivers I used the Stimulator that I received as the fly of the month. As it turned out it was the ONLY fly I needed with the exception of an occasional dropper. The best part was that I was the only one in the group that caught fish on ALL the rivers and streams. They do work! Keep up the great selection.