The Blue Quill Angler Private Water Options

If you are ready to escape the crowds, consider booking one of our excellent private water options.  Our selection of private water options was driven primarily around the ability to provide our clients with a truly private, high quality experience.  When you book one of these properties, your group (2 person minimum) will have exclusive access to a large section of the river.  You will not be sharing the property with other groups as is the case with other private ranches in the area.

The Blue Quill Angler has secured access new private water near Bailey Colorado (Rawhide Fly Fishers and Shawnee Meadows). These leases are quickly becoming the most sought out private water anywhere near Denver or Bailey. This is for many reasons, including: big fish, clean fish, tons of water to fish, incredibly beautiful lease, close drive from Denver, and most importantly, a true private water experience.  These properties were added to our other private water options,  Troublesome Creek, Hidden Valley Lake and Abell River Ranch. See below for details on each property.

Pricing for trips on private water consists of two components, the guide fee and a private water rod fee for each angler.  The final cost will vary depending on the number of people in your group. These properties are booked on  first come first served basis, so book now to reserve your spot!

Please contact our trip coordinator for a detailed quote for your specific trip. They can be reached at: (303)674-4700 ext. 2, or via email at 

The Abell River Ranch

This 5 generation, 1,500 acre historic homestead settlement has has the natural characteristics that truly embody flyfishing and hunting in Colorado. Timbered hillsides and vibrant riparian areas come together to show what has become known as the best private fishing property on the South Platte River.

In 2018 the current owners bought the property including the 3 miles of main stem South Platte river and are funding the largest scope of riparian restoration and streamwork on the south platte. Clint Packo and his team at Freestone Aquatics have designed and permitted the comprehensive restoration effort scheduled to be built in late summer 2021.

The Abell River Ranch remains the largest contiguous privately owned South Platte river parcel from its headwaters through downtown Denver. Current owners manage this wild trout fishery to be a premium experience. Complete interior and exterior renovations to the JC Abell Homestead House and 3 miles of the main stem south platter river are home to brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout and kokanee salmon in the fall.

This ranch consists of 3 beats, 1 mile each and every desired fly fishing experience can be found here. From small dry flies throughout summer, to dry dropper, nymphing, and streamer fishing, the Abell River Ranch is an exceptionally well rounded offering.

Rawhide Fly Fishers

Encompassing 400 acres and 2 miles of the north fork of the South Platte River, Rawhide Flyfishers is one of our two premium offerings on the North Fork. Located near Bailey, Colorado, Rawhide has become known as the most exclusive, scenic and best fishing private water experience on the North Fork.

In addition to the excellent fishing, the unparalleled scenery and wildlife make this property a truly remarkable opportunity. Rawhide has undergone a multi-million dollar environmental restoration that was designed and built by Clint Packo and his team at Freestone Aquatics. It has become one of the premier private water fishing opportunities in the west.

Large Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat trout reside in this property that is split into three sections. Each section (beat) has restroom facilities, outdoor dining facilities and parking areas. Additionally, this property tends to fill all of its bookings early in the year so it is paramount to reserve your spot early to ensure that you have an opportunity to enjoy this great property.

Shawnee Meadows

Containing a mile of the North Fork of the South Platte river near Shawnee, Colorado, Shawnee Meadows is one of our two premium offerings. Since its opening in 2020, Shawnee Meadows has become known as the one of the best locations for anglers regardless of skill level or experience.

This fly-fishing only property boasts a mile of pristine angling that has limited access and fills quickly. Regardless of skill level or knowledge, every angler can find an exceptional experience on this amazing property. Similar to Rawhide Flyfishers, Clint Packo and Freestone Aquatics was utilized to perform a massive environmental restoration effort to rebuild the river channel and restore the riparian corridor to what it once was in the early 1900’s.

Access is limited and quite restricted on this property and can only be achieved when working through one of our Trip Coordinators. Large Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat trout reside in this property that is split into two sections. Each section (beat) has restroom facilities, outdoor dining facilities and parking areas. Similar to Rawhide Flyfishers, this property tends to fill all of its bookings early in the year so it is paramount to reserve early to ensure that you have an opportunity to enjoy this great property. With a nearly 100% return customer rate, make sure you contact a Trip Coordinator to reserve your day.

Troublesome Creek and Hidden Valley Lake

Both of these awesome properties are located near each other, offering you the ability to book either one or both properties for the day.  We find this a great option for larger groups or for anglers that would like to spend part of the day on the river and part of the day on the lake.

Troublesome Creek

The Troublesome is a tributary of the Colorado River and begins high along the Continental Divide where it flows down into the river east of Kremmling, CO. At first glance, the stream may appear on the small side, but it holds some big opportunities. Anglers who have fly fished this great stretch of the Troublesome consistently rank it is one of the best trout waters they have ever experienced. With nearly four miles of our intensely managed private fishing, it is easy to see why the Troublesome Creek is so popular among today’s most discriminating fly fishermen. The diversity is really what sets the stream apart from the rest. Anglers have the opportunity to test their skills in a number of different fishing situations, against a mix of the most formidable trout ever assembled. With deep pools and holes, long rifle stretches and undercut banks, the stream has lots of different “looks” and is a great mix of water. The Troublesome is home to a great mix of both size and species of trout. A day on the stream provides you the opportunity at Rainbows, Browns, Brookies, Cutthroats and Cuttbows. Most trout are in the 16-20″ range, but it is not uncommon for our anglers to land the fish of a lifetime here, with some over the 10 pound mark!

Hidden Valley Lake (aka Pepsi Pond)

Hidden Valley Lake is situated in the high mountain desert, nestled among rolling hills covered in sagebrush, and a small lake that hides hidden treasures. Spring fed, this pond has a very deep biomass, starting with chronomids in Spring, as well as scuds, leeches, boatman and other subsurface food. When Summer comes, the Callibaetis hatches are thick and the Damselfly hatches will go on for almost a month. The late Summer clarity of water can be fun! Having a spotter on the hill directing your casts will give you an extra advantage. On windy days, the flying ants and numerous anthills provide some exciting terrestrial action. Rainbows are the main population, but numerous Cutthroats, Browns, Tigers and Brookies are caught every year. The Bows can reach close to 28 inches and will test your reel and fish fighting skills. Trophy Brook, Tiger and Brown trout in the 20+ inch range are caught each year from this lake. Pronghorn antelope, Prairie falcons, and the occasional Golden and Bald eagles will keep you company throughout the Summer while fishing this great mountain lake.