River Conditions & Information for Colorado Waters Guided by The Blue Quill Angler

Here are the real-time river flows for may of our favorite rivers. Having good information on the rivers and streams that you’re looking to go fishing on can make a huge difference for how successful your day is. At The Blue Quill Angler, we keep a close eye on the volume of water flowing throughout the rivers, streams, and waters we guide on. We also closely monitor the water temperatures. Since fresh water fish are cold-blooded and can only regulate their body temperatures through their surrounding environment, knowing the water temperature is good information to have when determining how active the fish are and how likely they are to be feeding. Knowing and understanding the flow for the stream, river, or tailwater you’re fishing is not only important to your fishing success, but for your safety as well. Every waterway is different, so a flow rate that makes for great wading and fishing in one spot may prove a bit much in another. If you’re new to these waters, give us a call to find out more from the experts at The Blue Quill Angler.

The Blue Quill Angler Serves the Fly Fishing Needs of Colorado

For over 30 years, we’ve been sharing our love of fly fishing with anglers from around the world. Our fly fishing guides are among the best in the industry, and it’s easy to book your next Colorado guided fly fishing trip online or over the phone. If you’re new to the joys of fly fishing, consider our Introduction to Fly Fishing Class, and you can find a wide range of information in our online Fly Fishing Learning Center. For convenient information about the waters we guide on, bookmark this page, and, if there’s anything you need for your next fishing trip, our online shop is certain to have it. We’re located in Evergreen, CO at 1532 Bergen Parkway, and we’d love to meet you in person at The Blue Quill Angler.