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Fly Tying - Feathers

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    Coq De Leon


    The Coq de Leon feather is the best natural dry fly tailing feather available, but did you know the Coq de Leon Hen feather has bustard-like mottli...

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    Cul De Canard - Cdc Feathers - ( HARELINE)


    Super long feathers that are really nice. Great for emerger wings, under wings and can even be twisted and wrapped for the body.


    Mallard Flank - ( HARELINE) - Blue Quill Angler


    The old stand-by for wings on dry flies, especially the classic Catskill dries. Also makes great tailing material and legs on nymphs. Great colors


    Ostrich Plumes - ( WAPSI) - Blue Quill Angler


    Premium plumes with super long fluffy hearl. Polular for gilled nymphs, tails, bodys, colars and salmon fly butts. This is a very versatile material.


    Ozark Turkey Tail - Cinnamon Tip


    Huge tail feathers with distinct markings that are perfect for stonefly wing cases and muddlers. 2 feathers per package.


    Ringneck Pheasant Center Tail Pairs


    With so many uses, these are a must have for any fly tyer. Great for nymphs, wing cases and legs on tons of patterns. Great colors.