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Time to Fill Your Fly Box

Our Fly Tying Videos are a great way to learn and/or practice new patterns.

Come back here often as we will be adding new videos on a regular basis.

The perfect midge pattern for any season tied by Pat Dorsey. Best fished on a traditional indicator system with another midge or attractor egg pattern.

Material List:

Simple yet effective midge dry fly invented by Matt Miles and tied by Pat Dorsey. Perfect pattern for targeting rising fish during midge hatches.

Material List:

ItemPurchase Link
HookTiemco 101 (#18-24)
Thread Uni Thread 8/0 Black
WingStandard Z-Lon - White
HackleGrizzly Hackle

Whiting 100 Pack - Grizzly
Rooster Cape - Grizzly

Pat Dorsey ties one of his favorite Baetis Nymphs for Spring and Fall. The larger sizes (18 and 20) are very effective in the Spring months and the smaller size 22 is perfect for the Pseudo's in the Fall.

Material List:

Pat Dorsey ties the super effective Hi-Vis Griffith Gnat which is perfect for Spring midge fishing. The larger sizes (#14-16) are the perfect midge cluster as well as a top fly in a dry/dropper rig and the smaller (#18-20) represent single midges.

 Material List:

The original RS 2 was invented by Rim Chung in the early 1970's. His objective for designing the RS 2 was to come up with a simple, yet realistic nymph that imitated an emerging mayfly. My pattern uses dark dun hackle fibers for the tail (for the ease of tying), gray Super Fine Dubbing for a thin and sparse abdomen, Glamour Madeira for the wing, and a small silver-lined glass bead to enhance the gas bubble-effect that occurs during the emerging process.

Material List:

A classic pattern from Pat Dorsey, the Mercury Blood Midge is a great fly for the colder months and low water.

Material List:
Hook: #18-22 Tiemco 200R
Bead: Clear Silver Lined Glass Bead (Extra Small)
Rib: Gold Ultra Wire (Extra Small)
Abdomen: Red 8/0 Uni Thread
Thorax: Peacock Hurl

Material List