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A Guide for Selecting Your First Fly Rod and Reel

OK you are ready to go. It's time to get out there with your own equipment. The choices are endless, but here are some important factors to consider when selecting your first rod and reel.

  1. Rod length: 9-10 feet is a common length for a beginner, but it also depends on the type of fishing you will be doing (e.g. small streams vs large rivers).

  2. Rod weight: The weight of the rod is indicated by a number (e.g. 4, 5, 6) and refers to the weight of the line it is designed to cast. A beginner should start with a 5 or 6 weight rod.

  3. Reel: Choose a reel with a smooth drag system and sufficient backing capacity for the weight of the rod.

  4. Budget: Fly fishing gear can range from very inexpensive to very expensive. Determine your budget and select the best option within your budget.

  5. Outfits: Consider purchasing one of several quality outfits that are available. These outfits include a rod, reel, fly line and case and often make an excellent choice for your first setup.
  6. Try before you buy: If possible, cast several rods before making a decision to ensure you are comfortable with the feel and weight of the rod.

  7.  Give us a call at the shop for more details and advice. Our friendly shop staff can offer valuable advice on the best options for your local area and your specific needs. We can be reached at (303)674-4700 during normal business hours.
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