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Fly Tying - Flash Materials

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    This is a thin flexible tinsel with marabou like action. Super popular as body and skirting material on many flies.


    Krystal Flash


    This is a great material for adding a little life to your flies. Add to tails of woolly buggers, underwings of caddis and stimulators as well as bo...

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    Lateral Scale


    Lateral Scale is a saltwater sized Flashabou® horizontally crimped for a scaled look and fluttering action. Contains approximately 125 strands, 1/1...

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    Micro Pearl Flashabou - 1/100


    For all those situations where the standard Pearl Flashabou is just too big. This 30% smaller version works great for flashbacks on smaller nymphs,...

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    Midge Krystal Flash


    Add the perfect amount of flash for those smaller midges and emergers.


    Pearlescent Sheets


    Great material for flashback's on nymphs and scuds. Super easy to cut and tie with.