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Fly Tying - Foam

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    Fly Foam - Thin - 2Mm


    Thinner and more flexible that the 1/8" closed cell foam. Extremely pliable, durable and easy to cut. Thread will not cut into material and takes p...

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    Foam Cylinders


    These sand-able foam cylinders are the perfect density for shaping popper and other bodies. You can color them with Chartpak or Copic color markers...

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    Foam Parachute Posts


    The Foam Parachute Posts are designed for the post on parachute flies. The soft white foam ties easily and can be colored with Prismacolor Art Mark...

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    Furry Foam


    A flexible sheet with a soft foam center and a flocked, fuzzy outer layer. Furry Foam can be stretched for thin bodies and thinner applications. Sp...

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    Raineys Round Booby Eyes


    Preformed booby eyes in smaller sizes that are perfect for washing line rigs. Ties perfect micro boobies. Suggested Hook Size Small - #8 X-Small ...

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