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Fly Tying - Hair & Fur

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  • Hareline

    Black Barred Rabbit Strips - ( HARELINE)


    A killer material for streamers for both fresh and saltwater patterns. Tons of movement with that two-tone effect that drives fish wild!!!

  • Hareline

    Bucktail Combo Pack


    Sample pack of bucktails with 6 popular colors. Great way to get a bit of each without having to make a huge investment. Great for tying Clousers a...

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  • Hareline

    Hareline Comparadun Hair


    Good Comparadun wings can only be tied properly with superfine hair. This hair is the right texture & length to meet your needs.

  • Hareline

    Icelandic Sheep Hair - ( HARELINE)


    Great material for pike, musky and saltwater patterns. This hair is extremely long for those larger flies and is super supple.

  • Natures Spirit

    Natures Spirit Moose Body Hair


    Hand selected moose body hair patches (1 1/2 x 2"). Great for ribbed bodies or tailing materials.

  • Natures Spirit

    Natures Spirit Moose Mane


    Extremely long (up to 8") hair comes in various combinations of white, brown and black. The bleached mane ranges from white to ginger. Great for st...

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  • Wapsi

    Rabbit Zonker Strips - ( WAPSI)


    These straight cut rabbit strips are perfect for zonker patterns. Add to any streamer for a swimming motion similar to maribou in the water.