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Fly Tying - Organization

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    Center Stage Fly Display


    Display your flies with pride with the Center Stage Fly Display! This is a great tool to display a pattern that you are emulating on the vise, or s...

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    Hareline Hook And Bead Pad


    This dimpled silicone mat will keep your hooks and beads from rolling or sliding away. The reverse, flat, side can be used for adhesives or epoxy ...

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    Loon Vise Pawn


    The Vise Pawn is a friend to any tyer that is tired of fighting that piece of hackle or tinsel or ribbing while tying in the next material. The str...

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    Soft Tool Caddy


    The Renzetti Tool Caddy is found on almost every tier’s desk. For years this piece has been known to be the standard in organizing your tying bench...

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    Spool Riser - 3 Tier - 24 Spools


    The Spool Riser is made of beautiful solid oak. It's three tiers hold up to 24 spools. Thread not included


    Umpqua Hook Box


    Great for organizing hooks. Rounded bottoms make hooks super easy to remove. Also works well as a fly box for the boat.