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Fly Tying - Thread & Floss

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    Danville Flymaster Thread - ( HARELINE)


    Danville's 6/0 Flymaster is a fine flat nylon filament thread with a heavy wax. Super strong and works well on flies size 12-20.


    Uni Nylon Stretch Floss - ( HARELINE)


    A rather thick stretchy material that compresses and lays flat and smooth. Ideal for shaping underbodies on scuds and weaving Polish Nymphs


    Utc Monofilament Thread - ( WAPSI)


    UTC monofilament is a fine translucent thread, ideal for Czech, scud and sow bug ribbings. Comes in 2 sizes. 004 and .006


    Veevus 10/0 Thread - ( HARELINE)


    An incredibly strong thread that is perfect for smaller flies where bulk is not desired. 100m spools


    Veevus 8/0 Thread - ( HARELINE)


    A great overall thread, that is twice as strong as UNI’s, Ultra Thread - 70 & Gudebrod’s 8/0. The breaking strength is above 1kg!