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  • Wapsi

    Hen Neck - ( WAPSI) - Blue Quill Angler


    Hen Necks make great spent wings and parachute posts. Also, try them on your smallest soft hackles for life-like action

  • Wapsi

    High Gloss Head Cement


    Lacquer base, clear, quick drying, thins with lacquer thinner, very high gloss. Can be used over Flexament. Creates a super shiny head on your flies

  • Wapsi

    Killer Caddis Beads - Midge - ( WAPSI)


    One of the most popular beads we use for midge patterns. Metal core or Translucent core for a super realistic patterns.

  • Wapsi

    Lead Adhesive Zonker Tape - ( WAPSI)


    Adhesive lead tape for wraping around the shank of the hook. A perfect way to weight flies without the bulk.